Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 a year in Review and looking ahead

 The past year has had a number of shifts take place.

It started off great with a whole weekend of games, the peak being a defend the bridgehead battle:

Defend the bridgehead!

My ACW efforts reached a first battlefield ready condition, Bull Run 1861

the whole 15mm force for both sides in the starting battle
of the American Civil War


These troops were then put into action on the tabletop in the Bull Run 1861 battle:


 Bull Run 1861


Some digital image work was done, in progress towards a potential little game ...

The Alpian Wars moves into a new 'realm'?


Still more use of the ACW troops and expanding into the "Operational Level" of battle management.

Operational Level of command


The full battle can be tracked here:

Then more ACW potential came to light as the Gettysburg Campaign was put into operation for the first time here, and culminated in a number of battles:

some quick troops were assembled to support the others that already existed, so that we could do some really big battles.

bare metal was brought to full paint quickly
to support the needs for more Union troops on the tabletop

Then the campaign took action and an amazing set of a-historical battles resulted:


Push on the Potomac:

Cavalry action at Bruceville:

Then Autumn arrived, there were many other things I needed to do and focus on, so games took a back seat, though the itch did get scratched a few more times before the end of the year, most importantly in the Bull Run 1861 game and expo at the local community center.

Victory Without Quarter


Bull Run 1861, at the Kelcey Center

I now also have a little painting commission, that will need addressing in the new year, so expect some progress photos of that project in the coming months.

The ACW set has Shiloh on deck, with only the Confederates needing to be painted at the moment, they are all up on the painting shelf, ready to roll after the commissions.

At least three other games days at the local community center are slated, in January, February and March.  So there will be some more tabletop images to come ...

Added on all of this are the continuing home operations, a work prospect that keeps me near my phone and computer most days along with Firefighter duties weekly (& whenever the 'tones' drop) and plans for better marketing of the rescue society needs.

Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Community Center event Bull Run 1861 and more from December 2023

 Greetings dear readers!

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

I have been suddenly rather busy from the end of November to just now Boxing Day 2023.

I have finished the video for the community center game and have a little report about it all for you.

We only had a few players for the start, then from about half-way thru the time period onward I was full on with a pair of young men to run armies in the Bull Run 1861 game.

setting up the space for games

I had a number of other systems and
games on hand to speak about what else
we could do for games.

one of the early games involved growing
a forest 'competitively' ...

Then began a part of Bull Run 1861

We were unable to get much past noon for the tabletop action(s) of the 1861 battle, yet the young players are keen to have another go ... this time starting EARLY so that there's time to get more action in.

At least there were players somewhat active the whole day.

I had guests travel and stay overnight that night, then had some family news come in later the following week, that I needed to follow up with immediately during the first two weeks of December.  I'll have more to do with that over the next year or so.  This kept me away from my computer long enough to not be able to make the video and report about the tabletop action at the end of November.

Happy New Year everyone.