Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Expanding 15mm Confederates - for Shiloh

 Project continues

this time foot and horse brigades

bare metal

base black

dark brown layer

damp white

color under-coat


This was all done over the easter weekend, so about 30 mins a day.

Then activities picked up fast and the brush spent less time in hand.

ink layer done


hats, muskets and blankets

on bases

all flocked


Since these photos they have had flags put on the three foot brigades and then stored - only two more divisions to go ... then all of SHILOH will be ready for basic action.

I am planning on some more draft horses for gun teams and at least six wagons for supply purposes.

Still on track to get Shiloh minis done this year, then comes figuring out what I need to generate for Gettysburg, casting and preparing.  Let alone that elusive table time with the Shiloh set ...

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

ACW 15mm forces expand for Shiloh

 Started on March 10, by March 21 all the painting was done and the flocking was finished on the 23 of March.

base coat was black
then a dark brown coat
then a 'light brown' (almost white) drybrush
then a color coat (as seen here)

ink layer (fresh and wet still)

base color layer
white on the horses for A.S. Johnston

mid-tones and some details

highlights & metallic parts

off the painting sticks and onto bases

flocking completed

All of these troops are now filed into a Confederate storage space and three brigades of foot and one brigade of horse have been assembled and as I write this, they are at the inked stage.

Moving along on the 15mm ACW project and I can see the light of a Shiloh battlefield coming ... maybe this year?