Thursday, January 26, 2017

Skirmish Series - Anglo-Dutch vs French: Campaign of Hundred Days

As part of the ongoing Campaign of Hundred Days there was a skirmish series called for, to both position the 'front line' at midnight on 15th June 1815 (fictional) and gather important data about enemy troop movements and formations.

This time it was the Brigades of Merlen and Grant that were facing off against de Hubert.

Game 1: Anglo-Dutch WIN
Game 2: Anglo-Dutch WIN
Game 3: French WIN
Game 4: Anglo-Dutch WIN

Leading  3-1 the Anglo-Dutch appeared to be on their way to an epic victory...

Game 5 crushing moment
 The French moved en-mass to quickly eliminate the Anglo 15th Hussars in Game 5, it was all over by turn 2 (very rare).

Game 5: French WIN

Undaunted and still only needing one more victory the Anglo-Dutch kept at their harrowing of the French in Game 6.  This time the battles lasted longer ...

Stand out moment in Game 6 as the 5th Belgian Light Dragoons shatter a formation of the 1st Chasseurs
 The effort was great and lasted till turn 4 (more normal) and yet still the French managed to keep the field!

Game 6: French WIN

 A titanic struggle was now in the offering as the Anglo-Dutch skirmish cavalry was being pushed back further and further towards their own hastily forming lines.  A final skirmish was fought out in the twilight of the 15th of June.

Once again it was the 5th Belgian Light Dragoons that were overcoming the better drilled veteran French 1st Chasseurs
 The battle devolved down to the detachment commanders facing off against each other and it took till turn eight (8) to finally end the match, the better skilled French Veteran finally prevailed over the brave and determined Belgians.

Game 7: French WIN

Final score French 4  :: Anglo-Dutch 3 

Now the French will learn more of what is going on in the Anglo-Dutch lines of battle as night descends on the Belgian countryside.