Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Troops Exercise

My Middle son wanted to get in a tabletop game before new years.

We did this little tussle between some French and Brits using Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules.

Very fast paced and done in just over 90 mins.
Tradition continues

We have made a gingerbread TRAIN for this year's confection concoction.

So far that makes 5 years in a row for making a gingerbread house ... how long does it take to make a tradition?

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Four years ago I had put some of my painted toy soldiers for consignment sale at ABC Books in Courtenay. Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Cheval from 2007 Best Presentation Award Dak-Kon Convention Courtenay

Many were sold to a single gentleman for his grandson, then 8 years old. I was unaware of this at the time.

This past autumn I collected the few remaining, unsold, toys and found a faded post it note with Norman's phone number and the note:

"lead soldiers - different"

on one of the boxes.

Three weeks ago, I decided to call Norman.

He told me that only two days before he had been speaking with his grandson about what he wanted this year, they had discussed some new electronic gadgets or computing game software.

Later, when grandpa was gone, the boy asked his mother very quietly if grandpa could get Santa to bring some different solders for him to use with the red (British 1800's uniform) ones that he already had. Norman's daughter had told him about this that night, he had no idea how to find me or contact me in any way and he knew that there were no others toy soldiers similar in the shopping area of town.

Now here I was calling to him, the very next day.

Norman then asked if I had some that could be the 'other side' from the red uniforms, and he also said that his grandson was very well read on the period that the soldiers came from, so could these opponents be accurate as possible.

I had 60 French Imperial toy soldiers that had not been selling on eBay for months, not even anyone looking.

Grandpa took them straight away and I dropped off the package in person, one little 12 year old will be having a happy Christmas.

The spirit of Santa is alive and well, connecting little workshops like mine to the boys and girls that ask.

I hope that your spirit is lifted by this little tale and you remember to ask for what you want in your new year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tricornes missing ...

Many of the remaining tricornes from my collection are missing ... they appear to have been removed from their storage case, now I cannot use the remaining few to do the games planned over the holiday season.

There is a suspect, sadly they have not come forward, conscience is taking a long time to work on them I suppose...

I will substitute something for a game with my boys over the season, making do and moving forward the game, it will just not have the correct tricorned look.

Friday, December 09, 2011

New Custom Game Tools

Experimenting with Cyberboard, for Paul of the Napoleonic Wargaming blog, I have come up with some new ideas that I will have to play around with for my other campaign game ideas.

For Paul, I have a basic set of game tools and this image was from the first test of them done tonight.

Monday, December 05, 2011

New Map and Napoleonic Campaigning combination.

A piece of the map I have to work with.

Paul, of Napoleonic Wargaming and I have connected and I am going to put together some Cyberboard tools for his campaign.

Something Napoleonic for me to work on at least!