Trading Post - 15mm System

Napoleonic troops:

For your consideration, if the Napoleonic era is more your thing and the terrain boards fit with your game concepts then the whole of this Napoleonic collection in 15mm and the terrain boards may be for you.

Otherwise the troops are fully painted and based for a "Hordes of the Things" concept of rules.

Built up area

French Army with Bonaparte

All troops have metal base bottoms to be secured in the drawers using magnetic strips, these are the French Army
Austrians (same as above)





Carrying case with all armies and markers stored within it

 Again I have not set a minimum as of this posting on 30 July 2018; I am seeking to find value for the system and may resolve to sell via auction on eBay unless any interest comes via the blog before end of August.

this has been sold as of October 6 2018

Up for sale are my complete 15mm system of terrain and miniatures for De Bellis Antiquitatis and Hordes of the Things

My aim is to have the terrain and at least one full set of system go to the same buyer, either the ancients (rise of Rome) or Napoleonic groups.

I shall start with the month of August here on the blog, then progress onto eBay unless there are some interested parties in the system.

Photos to follow:

all of the terrain boards, each is a 1 foot square with hills and forests depicted, 13 are pictured here, there are 15 in total

this has been sold as of October 6 2018

The 15 terrain boards are made of sand, glue, sawdust and paint on a 1/4" plywood board, there are foam 'feet' under the board so as to not scratch up table surfaces.

campaign map of Italia, 2 feet by 1 foot


Same Gauls as above (different angle)

Italiot Greeks

Mountain peoples


Carthaginian with elephants
Early Romans with Greek spears and a catapult

The Campaign Collection of Ancients

Ancients collection

I do not yet have a minimum price for the whole collection, seeking interest in purchase direct, no trades as part of my motivation is simply reducing the volume in storage.

this has been sold as of October 6 2018

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