Friday, March 30, 2007

Connections are good!

Sorry to have not posted so much here recently, but since the convention I have had precious little time to collect my thoughts and present them here.

I was swamped with three work situations coming to an end all at the same time, thus needing video work to be processed as fast as possible (eating all my processor time and making sitting at the computer typing in more words less appealing).

The next week was spring break and we had 4 extra young people around all the time, though it was fun connecting with them and challenging some new minds.

Finally this week started with surgery for my wife and I was left doing double-parenting for a few days while she recovered, adding to that was a need to do a book display with her that was not noted to me earlier and so we were rather rushed in getting it all together and hauled out on the morning in question.

Enough excuses, that is now done.

I have been contacted by Dennis, whom did the A.C.W. game at Salute (see pics below) and since he may have time to get away this summer we may finally have him guest host at my game table! YAYYY!

I shall have an opportunity to showcase another keen miniature gamer to the other gamers here and perhaps challenge their contention that I am just a lone nutcase!

Anyway the snowfields are all cleaned now (and I have a pile that looks like a zamboni just tossed it out from the arena) and the troops are all re-flocked for summer pattern. From all that action only 4 mounted troops are damaged, 3 of them commanders (one was damaged during painting so came as no surprise when the join gave way). There were no infantry units damaged! 4 of the 'disorder' markers are also in need of repair and are sitting now on the painting table awaiting my attentions.

Sadly they will need to wait at least another week...sigh.

I still have company taxes to process and then a new computer system to get organized along with re-designing my offices so that my eldest son gets to share the desktop.


In two weeks I will be SOOOO ready to get back to casting and painting projects!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SALUTE Convention 2007

I was at the sunday games that were part of the 2007 incarnation of the Trumpeter Gaming Society convention known as SALUTE.

Saturday is normally the 'big day' at these events, but as I understand Friday had a very active and well done PRIATES game that managed to win the best of show award and will 'represent' SALUTE at ENFILADE in Washington State coming in June(? = not sure of the dates).

Anyway I was pleased to be able to game with Dennis Chin, an avid Civil War buff and keen gamer. We teamed up to emote the actions of the Confederates during the battle of MacPhereson's Ridge; a part of the opening moves from Gettysburg.

We did not loose the battle, as was the historic case, we also did not outright win.

At best it was a draw, with the the Union Iron Brigade coming away unbloodied and holding a vital forested area on the important ridgeline.

The rest of the days' games included another Pirate run; hosted by Gord Colter.

A Lord of the Rings "Legends of the West" game in 25mm, hosted by the best of show winners the North Shore Gamers.

A gigantic seige game of Warmaster (10mm minis) that started on Friday of the Convention and only ended about 20 minutes before the Civil War game I was in ended...the castle defenders managed to hold on, with two breaches in the wall! Hosted by Adrian.

A aerial Dragon combat game, with clouds and gold nuggets; hosted by Lisa Smedman.

There were also a number of commercial sellers and another room that was filled with 25mm Warhammer (not sure if 40K or Fantasy, but 20+ gamers busy in three rows of tables.

All-in-all a good day of game!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just some more bravado.

I promise to not put more of this on the blog (other than the special effects methods).

The award for BEST PRESENTATION at Dak-Kon XII : BADLANDS 2007

I want to thank all the players that have come to the table in the past 6 months in preparation for this game. Most notably Jeff, Pete and Alex!