Friday, May 26, 2023

ACW forces expand, another three Union Brigades, artillery and Exceptional Division command

 Intended for use in a planned Shiloh game, this Union commander is targeted to be Sherman.

base coat and first dark layer

white (light blue) layer and inking

mid tones

main colors & details

highlights and metallic

on bases

fully flocked

The troops expansion continues and I expect to have the tool-kit for the eastern theater ready by next week.  The intention is to have the recruiting for the online commanders start in June with the target of having a major battle assemble by mid-July.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Blood & Crowns

 Similar to Blood & Plunder, this 100 Years War era skirmish miniatures game hold some interest for me and some others around me.


Here is an article that deals with the title in some detail. <click here>

Thursday, May 04, 2023

Union ACW forces expand

 The proposed ACW game in July is to be centered around the Gettysburg campaign of 1863, post-Chancellorsville.

The main player with troops has told me that he may be short some Union forces, so since I have plenty done in preparation for my Shiloh game, not yet painted, I have started on them to 'fill the gaps' in the combined forces effort to put on a full table game in July.

bare metal

I'm also doing up some 'wrecked batteries'
and key location captured markers

fresh base coat

dark undertones

first color layers

color expansion

mid layers

highlights and metallic

all assembled on bases

fully flocked and finished

up next ... Sherman Div command
and more Union Infantry

Ideally this week I will be getting the finishing touches done on the game tool set for the Eastern Theater and might even have a play-test seeking players before the middle of May.