Saturday, August 08, 2009

Garden Wars : Hausen ~ Teugn

My eldest son, Peter Duchy of the North, and I did a recreation of the 1809 Campaign Battle of Hausen - Teugn.

I mowed the lawn back that morning so that the woods that were the key feature would be prominent in view for the players.

Then laid out the two towns, river and roads.

My son did the Austrian deployment and Peter handled the French.

For a long time it was a waiting game for the French as the Austrians slogged through the woods. Sadly my son chose to halt the two immense Austrian infantry columns for about 5 turns. This choice sealed their fate.

When contact was finally initialized between Austrian Grenzers and French Voltigeurs the Grenzers were coming out ahead, however there were no massed formations anywhere near to be able to exploit the openings.

Then the gun duels began and again the Austrians were doing well, again there were no troops close enough to the FEBA (Forward Edge of the Battle Area) to make any effect or to take any advantage.

In the end one great flanking action by the only cavalry force, Austrian, took a shot. After disordering a square with artillery, then breaking it with a charge, then crashing through another square into a disordered line ~ the charge had faltered at last, horses blown, troopers tired after having shattered two squares they were just not able to overcome the third formation in hasty square.

Thus the battle ended, with a scare for the French from a good action on the flank with horse and having columns of Grenadiers charge at them. The Grenadiers were alone, unsupported and torn apart by the artillery.

Davout was not trapped and this time the Austrians were forced to fall back with cavalry and artillery losses ... even worse than was in the historical battle. Ultimately the French Voltigeurs were also decimated by the battle action.

As with the last big Garden War battle, there was a casualty ... this time a horse gun team.