Friday, March 23, 2018


Action early in the Award Winning Game
Rob and I decided last year after Salute to see if we could team up to put on a set of games using the rump of Jeff's Pulp miniatures and beef up the presentation with a set of new terrain boards.

My view was to see if we could win a "Best of Show" at the Salute Convention of Trumpeter in Burnaby.

I love it when a plan comes together!

The combination of the Jungle terrain board (with its modular design including a realistic looking waterfall) and the League Cards put us over the top in during the 2 pm to 6 pm game time on Saturday at Salute this year!

Friday, we played in games, I managed to get into a chariot race game for the first time ever.

FLIP! (I didn't and actually came in 3rd place and won more cash than I started with)

Other games I saw:

Not certain the exact era, though the terrain looked great from Terry Sawchenko


Good to see a classic Battle Tech

Saturday was bright and early from the hotel and off to set up Pulp Alley.

First session was a town, we had seven (7!) players, so I had to add in the water feature and have one league arriving by plane!

all floors were accesible

street scatter worked great!  it even got pulled into the action

One truck crashed into the gangsters car!

The street scene looks great

Arrival by AIR!

Star Trek Captain Kirk got into a real punch up at the end!

The Cowboys League did the best in downtown.

The cards were a great tool for use at the table to keep track of everything really fast and simple.
The winner of Best of Show for the early time slot was an amazing "War of the Worlds" game that my son Alexander played in.  (sorry no photos I was too busy running a game)

Next was 2-6 pm, and the Jungle was on deck, we had bonuses for the Cowboys that won the first game and they carried over into the Jungle game.

Five players make for a busy board!


The Yellow Peril

Radium Inc.

A couple of science clues were the early objectives.

The scenario took place in the dark (only 12" visibility)

Natives got into the action (with Feng Yi)

Even a lowly Follower from Winchester, Smith and Weston got surrounded by the local Ooga Booga Boys
In the end it was a sudden discovery of the secret tome that told where the Idol of Atlantis was hidden and The Yellow Peril, handled by my son Victor managed to grab the glory!

A Company of Heros led by the animalistic Feng Yi are the Yellow Peril
This was the winning time for Rob and I as they announced the best of show.

Finally I got into a Civil War game run by Dennis Chin.

Overall battle at game start - the 'stars' are the objective

The scenario was a piece of the Bull Run battle

Certainly the work from Dennis is good

Creating a great visual spectacle

The Rebels had taken the hill

Union guns were in disarray or destroyed

disorder in the Rebel ranks at the snake rail fence

Disorder with the Union infantry now

Long view of the field

In the end the Rebels held the high ground

too many disorders were starting to wear down the numbers of Union infantry

Dennis' game then won Best of Show for the evening period.

This day either I, or one of my boys were playing in or running a Best of Show for the day!

All in all a great day out.

Met up with a number of the old Grognards of Napoleon's Battles fame and there's a battle in the works ...