Saturday, March 26, 2011

Convention Game decided.

I shall take my SHAKO troops to the tabletop at Salute this year.

I am prepared to bring the Action of Sabugal to the event on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of this battle, which led to the final expulsion from Portugal of the invading Imperial French armies.

I am certain that I have the troops needed and plan to bring extras so as to, potentially, layout a meeting engagement also.

I go to gather these troops this coming Monday and may be able to put a photo or two of them on here before traveling to Vancouver and joining with the other Historical and tabletop miniatures fans at the Trumpeter Salute Convention.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Convention consternation.

I find myself torn between a local games event and a more distant larger *miniatures* focused games event.

For the local one, I could easily attend, take my children and count on having a few good conversations. There would be no historical miniatures games to play unless I set them up. Were I to do that I could not count on any players unless I convinced them to come to the event.

For the more distant one, I have now learned I can get the transportation, I have the accommodation for the many days of the event ~ I am even likely to be able to bring all my boys to it. I have now seen the games listed for the event ... not much to draw my interest at the moment.

My torn position is I could be interested in doing a game at the more distant event, yet this event has no incentive beyond the personal pleasure of putting on a game. While the more local one has *free* entrance for those game masters who put on events that other players can take part in - thus increasing the attendance *fun factor*. The game master scheduler for the larger more distant event has even made a recent email appeal to get more games put on ... yet still no incentive.

My question to you, the interested Convention Game Master and or Player:

Would you like MORE game event options, or at least a full slate of them, at a game Convention and would you be willing to pay to play ~knowing~ that the game host that brought all the minis and terrain and essentially put on the game got into the event *free*?

Do you think that all attendees, either players or GM's must all pay to be present in a Convention setting?