Thursday, July 29, 2021

Cleaning up ... a time lapse video

 The Shako 2 game on the 18th had a 'cleanup' video made, so I compressed it to a time-lapse and added tunes by Kevin MacLeod.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

PIRATES! Game coming 31 July 2021

 The twitch channel will again be active on 31 July 2021

Planned start time 11:00 am pacific time (North America west coast - same as Los Angeles)

the pirates are all painted now

the whole fleet of ships and all the men
are ready to get into action

been itching to get some action with this set
so watch it all on twitch

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

SHAKO2 Meeting Engagement #2

 July 11, had power failure, so we made effort to get in another meeting engagement game on July 18.

I cannot tell when I am broadcasting alone (no producer support) if the twitch stream is getting the game, turns out my tower is just not powerful enough to run the game on twitch now.

No matter to the blog readers ... game on!

Austrian left, with Grenadiers (right) and
Militia (left rear)

Austrian right
Featuring my 'deployment markers'
with a silver lion and Napoleonic eagle

Austrian center

French center and left

French right
the Italian Division

view down the French lines from the left

another feature shot of the eagle marker

The first turn was all about artillery fire.  Neither command had 'arrows' to move nor were the commands close enough to 'reaction' move.

Deployment overview

start of turn 2

Austrian jaegers (left)
get in front of the French guns
then manage to 'suppress' them!

while Austrian artillery meted out massive casualty counts

the French were immobile ... awaiting the
arrival of Austrian horse

the start of turn 3
Austrian horse had arrived on
the Austrian left (top left of image)

messengers frantically rode to get the
French horse into motion
(the ADC behind the white horse Cavalry
commander made it through - 1 of 3 sent)

the suppressed French artillery was not relieved

while Italian and Irish units were suddenly
aware of many Austrian horsemen massing to their
right flank

though one force of Uhlans were in range of cannon...

start of turn 4
situation critical on the French right ...

French horse were galloping to relief -
though they were re-deploying from the left to the right ...

General Merle was certainly surprised by the
aggressive Austrian move

Austrian light horse

the remainder of the Austrian left continued to pour
on artillery fire - breaking one battalion

while on the other flank both sides stood and fired

the big hill the Austrian center effectively
broke their formation into two

Austrian command was confident the combined horse
and foot attack on the left would work

certainly the second wave would contain these
elite Grenadiers

the Italian force, was undaunted
though during the turn those red-pants
Italians would fail to form emergency
square and pay the price!

White coated Austrian horsemen would charge right
into those red-pants Italians

the hill flank was stable ... for now

Austrian Uhlans took a pounding from French gunners
then withdrew to recover ...

Italian troops rush in to fill a wide gap, carved by
Austrian guns ...

table view of turn 5

the mangled French left was still able to move

while the right, under Merle, was now facing
desperation morale (the wheel and musket marker
on General Merle's base)

the French horsemen flung themselves wildly
into the Austrian horse, sending the light horse tumbling back

while Austrian horse shredded a battalion and 1/2
of a foot battery

all while Austrian Grenadiers remained back and ready
to exploit any mistakes by the French

Irish (in the green and yellow) formed a square

French horse commander (a custom sculpt of mine)

all of the Austrian horse were now 'blown'

French voltigeurs reached the top of the hill
only to be challenged by Austrian grenzer/jaegers

the Austrian right battery of guns were successful in
taking out one battalion and scoring many more
hits on three others

Austrian horse battery now joined the foot on the Austrian left
damage on this turn was massive - yet not quite enough to
completely break the Italian division

all the Austrian horse were going to hold back and
'recover' from blown status

the French left was stalled ... any more losses would see
their division drop to broken status

Austrian militia were now moved up
ready to cover the guns as the rest of the division
were to assault forward

French cavalry were successful, yet also blown now

the coming Austrian assault would not be easily repulsed
by the many damaged French units


My online opponent now viewed the field and the fact that both of the foot divisions were going to have to rally, every turn from now on - even if his cavalry were successful in breaking the whole of the Austrian horse, the French could not win this encounter.  We called the game at this point as an Austrian victory.