Saturday, March 30, 2024

SHAKO II pickup game using random terrain

 One last game session at the Kelsey Center in Sayward.

It was an amazing fast-paced game played by two experienced players.

Austrians vs Italians and Bavarians.

Since both players were so experienced there were virtually no delays between moves and both players were fast in taking actions.

Again a time-lapse was made of the game and some images were inserted into the video.

It was a simple Italio-Bavarian attack against the Austrian defenders.

Austrians chose to line up everyone on the front line and push forward along a line of tall hills in the south, with a division holding a lower hill in the north.

The Italio-Bavarians, foot troops moved forward to engage on the low hill, then cover the flank from the tall hills - then on turn four the flank riding light cavalry division arrived and smashed the Austrian position on the low hill - driving over the Austrian field command HQ.  It was a 'French' victory with horrendous casualties among the foot troops.

At one point, just before the light cavalry flank arrived the Italians were in danger of retreating from the field - the casualties had been that bad.

I am attaching all the images this time that were used in the video.

the many casualties around the Austrian Grenadier
seen here also is the 'shaken' markers that I use
a 1/2 wagon wheel and a drum or broken musket

many many casualties pile up around
a Bavarian 1/2 foot battery ...

French Light Cavalry Division
seen across the top of this image
command figure in top right corner

Austrian horse did tough work off a tall hill and into
a thicket of woods - defeating a Jager brigade by flank
attack while pushing on the front!

In the end Austrian divisions just could not maintain
morale while loosing so many men

All-in-all a really great game!

Thank you Chris for coming out.
Thank you Alex for making the space available.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Next game day: SHAKO II

 The next game day in Sayward, at the Kelsey Centre is set for March 17.

I am doing a SHAKO II participation game and plan to have enough commands for up to six (6) players, possibly eight (8) if the situation warrants.


I have also started on my Shiloh 15mm confederates, so that project will see completion in the next 60 days ...