Monday, January 01, 2018

Pulp Games over the winter break

Once again we have set up a number of games over the winter school break.

This time Saturday Dec 30th was set aside for Pulp Alley for another play-test of the board and system.

Downtown board came out for the first time, still not quite finished, and we all had an opportunity to marvel on the great works that Rob as done.

The Crazy Cowboys made a return appearance and here Bart is walking confidently over the bridge on the canal ...
Two young players joined in again with my middle son, who ran his Lego Mandalorians again.

This time it was a "race against time" scenario, where the Mandalorians had stopped a police car and were frantically searching it for that vital plot point!

The terrain artist took part in the game this time running the infamous "Dark Fire"

an Eye Ball gangster takes aim

general mayhem in the center of the board

an overview near the end of the game, where the Mandalorians just managed to get the data on turn 6!

Dark Fire comes boiling out from their hideout ...

We then took some time to set up a few more photos of the first jungle/island board:

wild men face some adventurers

the great terrain has so many different uses

adventure leagues come in many different forms

Then after the street action was done we took some promotional photos of 'downtown'.

city street scene

building interiors are accessible

even the pavement has details

the combination to come soon will be excellent

Rob tells me that there are more details to come for his city-scape,  including lamp posts, fire hydrants and man-hole covers.  As well as building details and decals.

We are well on our way for putting on a good show at Salute in 2018.