Friday, October 27, 2017

Of plans for little metal men

Open time of 2017 has been eaten up by dealing with the estate of Jeff and supporting Lani, Jeff's widow.  While this has been emotionally taxing and time consuming, I feel good that Lani is still with us here and seeking solutions for her physical challenges.

I'm looking out ahead at the final quarter of 2017, maybe even spotting time slots where a game may be played!

On top of that I have the plan to attend Salute 2018 in Burnaby doing some Pulp Alley games.

Jeff and I had started on ECW forces, I did a Parliament army, now I am looking to complete my own set with a Royalist force.  Many of the miniatures are collected together now and I plan to clean and start on the painting over the coming winter.  For my library I have the final campaign book from Osprey: Naseby 1645 to act as further inspiration.

Rocketeers in painting progress standing on the cover of the new library addition