Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Pulp Action - The New tales of Mandalore?

In a one-two series of games my middle son's desire to get his Mandalorians out into pulp action games came true.

a quick sample of the leagues being used this game

The first encounter was a 'clue-finder' as the Mandalorian League had a bounty go missing on a low-tech world that they, the Mandalorians, did not want to be 'riled up' about their being present.  So that the target could be easily tracked down.

The clues led them to an urban area, where the Mandalorians would need to use lots of stealth and skills to track down any clues to what had happened to their quarry.

the city was the scene again, now with the new railway!

filled with characters ... none knew for certain which was the critical one

there were many that had a certain 'familiar feel to them'

big open spaces and a warning about going into a gun battle ...

this was gang territory, The Yellow Peril being one of them, had a mystery of an arson planned that they needed to stop

lots of potential interactions

with a busy street ...

along with their vehicles

The Mandalorians took up observation positions ...

Then the action got going, this was a hard one for the combat focused Mandalorians ...

strange visitors ... their 'weapons' appear very modern

while Yellow Peril seemed to just know who to chat up first

The Mandalorians were stuck with tracking the conversations and actions of others in the bright street, lest they be revealed.

my NEW turn counter was put to use!

about 1/2 way through the situation and the police are doing a 'patrol', hence the keeping a low profile needed ...

The Mandalorians had figured out they were not the only 'high tech' visitors to the world ...

the rival gang activates due to the gunfire in the street

Mandalorians break cover as they spot someone with 'tech' FROM THE MANDALORIANS SHIP!

This break of cover started a gun-battle (suddenly from the strangers across the tracks) and the local police and many others ran for cover or ran away!

a Mandalorian takes one of the 'visitors' prisoner

The Aqua-Lotus League came out to challenge the strange robot-men.

The Mandalorians were confused as robot-men and attributed to working for or with Yellow Peril, as they took shots at and conflicted with Aqua-Lotus.

The quarry of the Mandalorians was alerted to their presence on the world now though ...

Sunday, December 15, 2019

ECW Black Powder Game - playing action in time-lapse

Setting up the troops:

First move:

Second move:

Third move:

Then my power was running low ... I did not have the portable booster, nor a cord to extend the charger I did not have either.

So I needed to change the setting for my phone camera.

Fourth move:

I needed to move the camera during the turn, so that we could get the cavalry action right at the edge of the table.

Fifth move:

This would be where the battery power ran out.

The further turns I still kept on doing the still photos:
Sixth to Eleventh moves:

This then formed our first 'meeting engagement' game of Black Powder.

Tell me what you think of the time lapse?

Would you prefer to have a AAR to go with still photos?

Would it be better to have a spoken track covering the table action?

I would like to have a second time-lapse camera to handle the 'top down' angle of the game.

Any other thoughts?