Sunday, February 18, 2018

LONGBOATS for Pirate and other games - including PULP

Along side the Pulp works I have been able to squeeze in a couple of the longboats from Blood & Plunder.

Realizing that I had little time to do the fiddly method of painting, I decided to imitate the horse painting method I have used to turn out the cavalry quickly.
longboat in setting with Rob's amazing peril island terrain

I really love the effect that it as had on these beautifully detailed models.

the boats started as white resin, I gray base coated, then painted with a mix of brown and black (forward boat here), then did a 'wet-brush' technique to just get the highlights of the boards (rear boat in the image)

next comes color layer on top of the while 'pulling' or 'wet-brush', for these two boats I have done one with orange color band (rear) and yellow color band (front)

then an ink layer goes on, both boats are seen here in a flash photo with the ink still wet
I'm not completely satisfied with the finished product and plan on another ink layer and then dry-brush on highlights and accents the color and the ropes.

The Firelock Games boats have fantastic detailing and that detail is what has made painting these boats a real treat.  I'm looking forward to the sloops in the future along with the crews of Pirates that I have.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pulp Play ready for SALUTE 2018

Once more we went to the local library and set up the Pulp Game Board for the city, now much more finished.

More details also were available for the leagues, including a set of cards to control a league my youngest controls.

the city board, with the canal and bridge

details of the contest on the 'rough side' of the canal

ready for action (with a 'hand' in the middle of the board)

now just the town, note the light standards

the vehicles really make the street scene more active - the new signage on the buildings also brings it more to life

Cowboy Curly Bill taking shots at some of the purple men of Radium Inc

City center at the Variety Store

Groceries were also available

buildings floors all separate and characters can be put on each floor

the interior of the buildings have no furnishings, yet the do have wall paper and floorings

Inspired to use cards to help control the game action, I have custom made one set for my youngest son's league:

fold the card at the color line and the sepia details are all ready to work with!