Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Carnage & Glory play #3 "Ye Olde Roman Ruins"

In preparation for a possible foray into the "Tinker Fox" campaign system, Cod and I did another game of Carnage & Glory II, mostly at my request as I really wanted to see if we could do the big battles quickly.

In summary I am getting faster at handling the software and I really like the simulation aspect along with the great details about units and situations.  Unfortunately the details come at the expense of time ... and it may be that time is the factor we both would like to have go faster.

Prince Rupert of the Palantine as painted by Cod Sticker

So we used the map generator for the first time by just drawing a random card:

Then used the Carnage & Glory II software to determine defender/attacker and randomized the arrival zone.



Royalists were in more open country with an open zone before the town and the Roman Ruins on their left

Parliament were in the enclosed fields with the town nearby, and could easily capture the critical road junction

the trouble would be holding this ground as the better Royalist horse could be counted on to stand or even defeat the Parliamentary horse


The King
The Parliament won initiative on the second turn and so rushed out into positions so as to pressure the Royalists, while the foot moved into the town.

Royalist horse use the Roman Ruins as a breakwater for any attack

Parliament Horse gain upper hand on the open ground to the Royalist right

Royalist cannonade into the town is constant, though mostly ineffective

Then came a few turns of movement and action from both Cod and I and there were no pictures taken.

Essentially the horse traded charge and counter-charge over the course of 1/2 hour, while the foot of Parliament fully covered the town and moved to press on the left flank (Rupert) in support of the horse and guns (which did not move one turn and argued about proper deployment on the other).

all was in the balance

Royalist gunners become so tired and mired in smoke that they did not fire from 1/3 of the guns

Parliament horse in front of Rupert, fled

while the Royalist horse managed to capture foot colors

The Parliament reserve and left were still standing
Both armies were becoming fatigued and both were approaching the critical 75% morale level going into turn 7.

The Parliamentary Horse just could not maintain the advance

Royalist center held their ground

a final Royalist squadron of horse were just able to halt the Parliamentary horse on the Royalist right ... then the collapse in Parliament morale came

Cod's new supply train on the table for the first time

Parliament leaders were out in force to attempt to halt the fleeing horse

other Parliament leaders stiffened the Foote so as to keep them from being over run

the Royalists were to take the day

though not without many casualties

Cod's King Charles (actually a model of Cromwell)

Final Score

a last shot of the two Cromwells on the field, one for each side.  One on the brown horse painted by yours truly the other by Cod.
Now we get to review the Tinker Fox system and make decisions about what we want to do next.