Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the BIG Canvas...

Not much brush work recently, as I have had family events to attend to.

Today my eldest son and I went into another game of Napoleon in Europe. Only a simple 'even steven' battle.

Sadly Alex still has not learned the value of "slow and steady" or how to concentrate efforts on the campaign level.

Still, a fun game.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy brushes.

Also today I managed to get in a few hours of painting time (though interrupted many times).

The Austrian Infantry must be done this month, I am working hard to get the cavalry done at the same time.

Must clear the project space for all those red coats!
Bright and Shiny!

The entire British force for the Vimeiro game this year is completely cast.

I have assembled them into their fighting contingents and gotten the 'flat' sections bulk cleaned (so that they could stand on their own). The major flash cleaning is yet to come.

As a feature of this force there are is a 'regiment' of Highlanders from the 71st.
(getting a clean close-up picture of the bright metal is really hard)

While putting out the troops I thought that I had a different Prince August casting that had a fore-and-after hat on, I searched the moulds and LO! it was the French Guard Officer that has just such a pose. I shall have to cast a dozen or so of them, should only take one morning and I have plenty of cleaning to do before then.

At least there are no cavalry to do as the brits have only a small force:

Under the watchful eye of 'old nosey'.
I decided once I had laid out the brits to determine if I already had enough french and portuguese for the battle also.

I have enough prussians that I can substitute as the blue coated portuguese and plenty enough french cavalry and enough infantry so long as I use the 'greatcoats' that I made up over the past few years so that they could 'serve' as any nations troops (just by switching the flags). These troops have been in plenty of actions and look to get into more already!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Casting Complete

Yesterday I finished the count and have 21 British units of 16+ men each (I always want extras in case of 'damage' during the cleaning process) and some 'extras' for sale and as gifts (both of the younger sons are now jealous of their older brother -> getting a regiment for xmas has become all the rage!).

Now on to the cleaning, basing, painting process!

Oh yes I suppose I had better finish those Austrians I started last month too...then there is working...keeping my wife happy...so much to do!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Markers, Counters & Conversions

A comment by Rafa made me think about how I have used my Prince August moulds and the extra bits that have collected from the castings I have done.

One thing I did was use the shakos, muskets, gun carriage wheels, cut off packs and drums of castings that were otherwise unusable.

These 'bits' were then assembled on fender washers and turned into 'markers'.

I selected a trio of samples from the two dozen or so that I have currently to show you what I mean.

I have also found that I can cast an extra horse for each force of cavalry that I do and use the extra horse as a 'blown' or 'disorder' marker specifically for that cavalry unit and there is little or no confusion about which unit has the 'marker' since it matches the unit. I paint the markers at the same time as the unit so the shabraques all match.

These same horses also work well with minifigs riders, like this one that I got in an eBay collection of minis while I was building up my Russian Horse.

Further advantage to the self-casting method is a willingness to attack the minis in the process of conversion...something that is less likely with a higher priced, though probably better sculpted mini.

And just because I wanted to show them all off, including the minifig in comparison to the others, here is a group shot.
Working Spaces

Hobby time has continued to take hits from real life demands, however a glimmer of time has come about a couple of times this week.

First the weather was great for casting on Thursday so I got out the melter and moulds and did some multi-tasking. I was playing a game of "Conquest of the Empire" with my sons (yes sons! my 4-year old is becoming more interested...) and between my turns and helping the youngest with his actions I poured lead.

I do not have a count (I never count them when I am just pushing hard to produce lots) of how many British Infantry I cast from Prince August moulds, but the mound is a good 8" around and 5" high!

Second I was able to get a fellow gamer helping me to re-organize my office and painting spaces, more to do on that front yet but the parts that have been done will permit me to get in focus time on the painting. The next stage will be good for getting me into the 'production mode' needed for the large numbers of British I need to get finished in time for Vimeiro.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

(not so) blazing brushes

I have had a very busy March and rough start to April, taking away all available hobby time.

Wife has gone away for family needs and I have been doing daddy daycare 24/7.

This has really killed any painting time and planning for games, writing, etc, well if any of you have three boys then you will understand. If not then imagine only having about 20 mins a day to do anything you want, then have that taken away time and again by 'daddy!!!' then sounds of fighting and arguing.

The task of settling them (the three boys down) has been done and now I have had a bit of a breathing room.

I got another layer into the Austrian Infantry, and started the 'white underlayer' on the horses for some Hussars.

Other project are looming along with work oh yes and eating...

I shall be continuing here, just not as fast as once hoped.