Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Brushworks: English Civil War Welsh Horse

Completed three squadrons of horse and four command elements (and another dog!)

Again I used the high-speed horse painting methods.  This lot was started on September 11 and finished on September 30.

bare metal to base coat

undercoat (top), 'white' layer (middle), under color (bottom)

Ink layers and color, then mounted on horse and gloss (protection) coat

This then led to the completion of this 1/3 of my planed Royalist force:

Inspired by the 1980's show "By The Sword Divided" I have put this troop in purple with a layout of the cornet to match the Lacey Troop

Command stands and a red coated horse troop

then a troop in just buff coats ... and metal cuirass, I know the Royalists did not really have such armored horse, yet I wanted one troop to fulfill this role if we decided to allow an 'a historical' option.

Command units, including one that had a bad 'hat' that I cut off and put a sword in his hand instead.

Now was the time to assemble the full Welsh Brigade:

overview 4 Horse and 4 Pike & Shotte forces

I was not certain the horse banner would look as good as it did in the end

the red and green troops certainly match well together

combined with the white are the tricolor of Wales

The massed effect is always a great look

Now the 'giant banners' take on a great effect once the mass of troops get assembled

Next up is more preparation of painted items for the coming xmas market (yes we have decided to make a go at doing an xmas market in December).

Then I am right back into the ECW with the Cornish forces, though there may be some more sappers and engineers that may be put into a higher priority, it is my aim to have all of the Royalist army ready to face my Parliament by next spring.