Monday, May 28, 2007

Pontoon crews nearing completion.

I find myself with a 'bonus' paint day!

Other items that were planned have been cancelled and I have taken the time to put in major finishing works on the Engineers.

Only flesh finishing and highlights are left to be done!

I may even have all the items done with time to spare?!?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Working on the pontoon gang!

More paint was put on the engineers for the Friedland battlefield (and beyond).

I have tried to set-up the units as having uses will all sorts of different armies, in such a way that I can tell which crews are working with which officers.

Also I did a short little playtest with my son and one of his friends. The friend had to leave early and my son lost some interest, but I did get to refresh my memory about the Napoleons' Battles game system.

I've also gotten to field test the new tags on the units and I really like the speed that it adds in not having to re-check movement or basic combat stats.

It was a large project to re-engineer all the charts and tables to match the 25mm scale (as the game was designed at 15mm scale and multiplying everything by 1.5 in your head in the heat of action is a non-starter).

Only a few more days to go and this last batch of crewers will complete a three year odyssey from Austerlitz to Friedland.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Looking ahead:

In the near-term there are the engineers and pontoons to finish for Friedland.

Then to game out FRIEDLAND, June 3 and June 10.

The next project on the horizon is in connection with the Wars for Arcadian Glory, initially this will probably have some games in connection with the Emperor vs. Elector materials that are building now.

Part of this project will be the building of more tricorne troops, many of which have been drafted, but await 'training' with flash cleaning, base coats etc.

The long-range goal will be to put together something active in the Seven Years War era of action.

The only difficulty I have is that I yearn for a more 'open' campaign. One that will allow the players to experiment and take off (eh!) in directions other than the strict 'historical' battles...

To that end, in the past, I had put together a map for use in a Sport of Kings game for use with Age of Reason, and borrowed from that material. Only I put it on a much nicer tableau.

The recent Emperor v. Elector posts have been about developing a map for use in the game and it made me recall my earlier works on this map.

I am hoping to be able to use a larger game concept for the future Wars for Arcadian Glory with my fellow gamers in Duchy of the North and Saxe-Bearstien.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More pontoon works.

The bridge decks and supply sets are finished.

Now only the engineering crews need to be painted in time for Friedland.

One week to go!
Bridging the rivers:

A large part of the battle of Friedland was the pontoon briges over the Rivers Alle and Muhlenfluss.

To complement my growing 25mm armies and permit them to have the needed engineering efforts, I have been working on three pontoon bridging sets. Along with some sappers and miners to 'represent' the working engineering crews.

So far the efforts have worked out quite well, considering I have only had about 5 hours to work on all of it.

Today was a big day, since a fellow gamer was out to do some work on his tricorne troops for the Duchy of the North. He did a lot of flash cleaning and prep work along with some fantasy figs that should all be finished tomorrow night!

For my part the pontoons all got three layers of browns and an inking so that tomorrow I can finish them all and get a major work done on the engineers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Camera! MIA


I had a great time planning out and preparing a number of new items for use at the 1813 meeting engagement.

The players thought that they were of use in getting off to a fast start, including having the table cloth to cover the hills (after taping them down).

The French were defeated, HUZZAH! Although the Russians were very close to a collapse in having a cavalry force that was badly crunched on their left.

Sadly I do not have the pics to show from the table right now as I forgot to bring my camera!

I know that two other players were snapping pics and I will post some once the dust from Friedland has settled...

I think what is needed for the Emperor vs. Elector game is to establish a time period (fix a 'year' for the start date at least) and to decide the troops mustered for the observation armies (for each side) and then what 'muster' can be added.

Also it would be good to know the maximum limits of troop deployments the various tables (on three continents) can handle; if they wish to host battles.

The main job of getting a player for the Emperor (or Empress) and for the Elector is vital to setting all other parts in motion...

Monday, May 14, 2007


During conversations this weekend, since the Hordes game was overcome by a Hallmark holiday and others having a variety of difficulties the numbers were 'gone' for the continuation of the game, that Blubear Jeff and I had (mostly about Tricorne Wars rules changes // ideas and the WAG that he has been planning) we came to a point where the "Emperor vs. Elector" game was the topic of discussion.

After some peripheral ideas about force compositions were made I hit on the idea of having the 18th C bloggosphere commentators taking an active role in our little idea.

The concept sees at least two willing players take on the central roles of the Emperor and the Elector. Others can then 'join-in' on either side as the War Council or the Ordinance Committee or some such designations so that collections of players can get involved. The location would be a 'team' blog site that would allow each side to taunt or cat-call or offer threats back and forth. Also it would be a central spot to clear all the information relating to the campaign.

Our first vision saw the play being operated on a 'number line' approach with a 'no mans land' in the center and 3 or 4 'contest zones' where battle will be given. The winner of the 'battle' controls the 'zone' and can the attack into the next zone.

Many details still need to be 'worked out', since I thought we could access such a wide variety to informed and lively opinion about the subjects regarding supply, morale, support services and sundry with the others here in the bloggosphere it would make for a fun group kreigspeil, interactive discussion space and a place for those whom may not have too many local players to participate 'virtually' with other tabletop gamers (and at least read the after action reports, troops musters, see table photos, etc.)

Ultimately if we run into a snag that cannot be solved thru discussion, heated argument, logical analysis or other written means then we can resort to the various online dice rollers to 'randomize' the possibility.

This will allow for fast start to tabletop actions and still permit online players to 'take part', even if only in a 'virtual' sense.

Loads more to do, chat etc about all this, however the first most important question is:

"Are there any weBlog 18th Century game players out there whom would want to take part in such a net based game?"

"Are there 2 players willing to take on the central roles of Emperor or Elector?"




Well are there?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Attraction to the table?

What does it for you:

When you first saw or became connected to the hobby?

When you had some of your own troops?

Now that you have many troops and are looking to game with them more often?

I ask as I am working with at least 2 others to develop something that will help to attract as many new players as possible.

For me, the answers look something like:

I was first attracted to the color and with a few games the size of the battles represented. I really enjoyed a number of 15mm Nappy's batts games that I played and a few of the Age of Reason ones in 25mm. I needed to move away from close proximity to all these players whom had fantastic 25mm collections, and so have had to start building my own.

When I finnaly had some troops, back when there were many others gaming, all I wanted was to get my guys into battle on the tabletop (thus the reason why I chose Saxons, since they faught on many sides during the 7 years war period). It was always frustrating to know that a game was coming up and to be told that no, the Saxons were not needed...sigh.

Now I find that I am looking to revive the actions of the past with the games run with the others whom had the large number of minis, but rather than a one-shot game (even though I am enjoying the bicentennial Napoleonics I have been doing over the past few years) I have been wanting to have the tabletop actions connect into a greater whole.

What are the views and thought of others on this topic?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Forces Planning for FRIEDLAND:

I have had a closer look into the troops needed for the FRIEDLAND game and decided that I do have enough, just, to do the early (short) FRIEDLAND game as presented by the Avalon Hill game scenario book for Napoleon's Battles.

On table at the start for France:
Lannes CIC
near Heinrichdorf:
(Grouchy's 2ic most likely and I am trying to find out whom this was in 1807) with 12 FrLC, 12 FrLC and Fr4#
Nansouty with 20 FrHC, 16 FrHC and Fr4#

near Posthenen: (probably Lannes starting location)
Oudinot with 20 FrGN, 20 FrGN, 20 FrGN, 20 FrLT and Fr4#

Arriving (in A4):
0730 Frescia with 12 HdLC
0800 Dupas with 16 FrLN, 16 FrLN, Hd4#, Marshal Mortier
0900 Dombrowski with 16 PdLN and Fr12#
0930 Beaumont 16 FrLC
Colbert 12 FrLC
1030 Sokolnicki 12PdLC

Arriving (in C1):
0800 Polenz 16 SxLN, 12 SxHC
0930 Verdier 24 FrLT, 24 FrLN and Fr12#
1100 Espange 16 FrHC, 12 FrHC

The Russians are all (on table) in the original Napoleons' Battles tabletop, however the planned table I have for the game is smaller (see the map layout below).

On Table available:

Left Wing:
Markov with 20 RsJG, 16 RsJG, 16 RsJG, 16 RsLC, and 2 Rs6#
Constantine with 20 RsGJG, 28 RsGD, 24 RsLN, and 2 RsG12#
Mazovski with 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN, 2 Rs12#, and Rs6#
Gallitzin with 12RsLC, 12 RsLC, 12 RsLC, and Rs6#

Right Wing:
Lambert with 16 RsLN, 16 RsLN, 16 RsLN and 2 Rs12#
Uvarov with 12 RsHC, 12 RsLC, 12 RsLC, 20 RsCLC, and Rs6#
Kollogrivov with 12 RsGHC and RsG6#

Nearby and able to enter the game table top on short notice (one or two turns):
Left Wing:
Somorov with 20RsLN, 20 RsLN and Rs12#
Platov with 20 RsCLC, 20 RsCLC, 20 RsCLC and 2 Rs6#

Right Wing:
Sacken I 16 RsGN, 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN, Rs6# and 2 Rs12#
Lavrov 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN, 2 Rs6# and 2 Rs12#
Doctorov 20 RsLN, 16 RsLN and Rs12#

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


After some considerations I have dusted off my copy of Napoleon's Battles and are reviewing elements. It was ostensibly designed for 'new' players, with loads of rules, all laid out in Avalon Hill numbered format. A sample set of diagrams and some support counters.

Napoleon's Battles
Napoleon's Battles
Napoleon's Battles

I've found a map that covers the ground fairly well, though I'll still likely search for some other historical maps to confirm the details.

I am starting to confirm my troops, and it looks like I will be needing to build 3-4 pontoon bridges...the makings are in the works.

Another little problem has cropped up, the other table that worked so well at the Eylau game will not be available, so I have scrounged around what I have access to and found a desk that is only 3/4" lower than the main table [seen in orange in the map diagram] in height (but has a rounded leather top making the 'edge' dangerous to the minis with risk of falling off higher) [seen in red in the map diagram] and an old tabletop, that is plenty large but has no legs on it right now (the legs are crummy), so I must consider buying another set of folding legs to put it into use. Along with the tabletop space, the 'game' space has been more closely measured, I have a space 10' by 14' (though the 14' can be a bit longer, but I need to have some room to store away things).

Strange as it seems I am planning to have the table set up with the 8' width in the 10' dimention, simply because the other dimention (when the two largest tables are combined) is also 8' and the troops are mostly accessed from the sides of the smaller table and the long 8' edge.

I had the thought to ask readers here what they thought of the Nappy's Batts rules set, if they used other rules sets (for Grand Tactical battles of the period) and what sort of map / troops / historical researches they may do when planning a re-fight like I am?