Sunday, July 11, 2021

Shako 2 Meeting Engagement - solo

 Today, Sunday July11, 2021, was to have a remote play game of Shako with a player met via twitch games.


Austrians v French

Unfortunately after the start of turn one there was a power failure in the area where the online player lived and I was faced with either waiting an indeterminate time period, or taking down the game, or ... running on with what was already on the table and using my solo play system AI to pick up the game from where it was left off.

I decided to jump in!

Setup for battle

after some challenges in communications
we were able to set up the map
four 1's made for a lot of open space

troops deployed

view down the French lines

French HQ

Irish legion in French service

Austrian HQ

a Hungarian force, with Grenadier battalion
(left foreground)

view down the French lines

We were able to do the artillery and start movement, then power failed for my remote player...

after a time I took over the game and ran it solo mode:

end of first turn as the French surge forward

shaken, though now under the guns one battalion
of the Italian Division moves forward in line

other French columns are badly mauled by
Austrian artillery

still the French columns advanced

some of the columns broke out into lines
to give a harder target to the
Austrian gunners

at the end of the first move the Austrian division
commanders were still unaware of the mass
of French foot bearing down on them ...

two French columns were destroyed
this one was nearly ... left in a desperate morale situation
behind the horse guns

meanwhile French artillery rattled forwards

Hungarians and Jagers held the flank of a tall hill on
the Austrian left flank

the Italians were facing them, managing to rally

while on the Austrian right, the Austrian horse
were now mobile ...

The solo AI system had left both sides unable to make any plan changes ...

overall view start of turn 3

the hill would see a major assault start up the slopes

merged grenadiers would move to hit
the Italians on the flank, while taking
artillery fire themselves

morale rolls were not going well for the French

many battalions did not manage to rally

and another column had been put into desperate
morale status

overview start of turn 4

General Merle's 1st Division, was looking over
their shoulders and having trouble with moving forwards
because of 40% losses in the division

still they struggled forwards

now the French horse were in motion
the Austrians had move close enough for
them to 'react'

the confused situation in the center

Austrian HQ, kept managing to stay in the lead
of the movement rolls, breaking ties

the French right wing was a charnel house at the base
of the steep hill ...

Austrian guns would eliminate another French battalion
this turn

while the Jaegers and Hungarians were
just able to maintain the top of the hill

the opening to turn five left the French
desperate ...ready to risk all to win!

the risk did not pay off - at the start of turn six
now the French were behind 6-1
needing to break 6 battalions/squadrons
before loosing even one more of their own!

it was a killing field on the slopes of the hill
merged grenadiers hit line in the flank in melee

the center of the field was left open as the 1st Division broke

Austrian HQ was going to win, and they knew it

the cost of victory included a full battery of horse artillery
being over-run by French Dragoons

a desperate series of shots were made from the rear covering
French guns ... not enough kills - too many were needed in
the short time remaining

it was the hilltop and guns that managed to hold off
the 1st Division, then the Grenadiers finished off the survivors

no battalions on the hill were un-harmed
they did what was called of them to stand
as the Grenadiers charged the French flank

Great little game, I am looking forward to next weekend when my online opponent will take another shot at the battle situation.  He certainly had a great deployment and I was concerned they might make it into the lines ...

Next Sunday, 18 July 2021, at 11 am.  Watch the action on


Saturday, July 10, 2021

ACW Perryville Battle - 15mm Fire & Fury

 4 July 2021 saw an opportunity to get together with other fellow gamers in "the War Dungeon" again, this time an ACW battle in 15mm of Perryville.

the critical road junction, held by the Union at game start
if the Confederates can take it, then the battle is lost

overall view, union on the two hills seen center right
and bottom left in this image

clearer view of the road junction

the hills that the Union troops were on had stone walls

the Confederates were massed to attack

Union support batteries

one of the many creek gullies had much overgrowth on it

Confederates were coming out from wooded areas

with some "dirt tracks" to follow for easier going

the obligatory photo of the outhouse (center left)

Union lines were mostly well ordered

the Confederates needed to bring up artillery to have any hope of changing
the situation

A Union Division commander (seen to the rear of the blue troops)
stays at the forward position as long as possible
to rally and support his men as the forward deployed artillery is withdrawn

this unit would manage to withdraw from the hill
and even see action later in the day

a few turns in and the Confederates really haven't gone anywhere

our turn marker board

Confederate cavalry (flash photo)

Confederate cavalry (no flash photo)

now driven back, the Union formed a new line

With a mass of artillery ready to punish the advancing Confederates

Union rookies, in a brigade mass column,
formed the reserve
You can see in the background the many exhibits
in the War Dungeon - mostly US and UK around
the game spaces now as there have been some
re-arranging of the exhibits in the past 18 months

Confederates keep up the pressure

with massed brigades - still the Union line only fell back
with limited casualties

both hills were still in Union hands

and now the Union gun line would start to deliver
many casualties

Confederates desperately attempt to swarm one flank

keeping count of the melee modifiers
and a good view of one wall of exhibits

Union lines hold!

still Confederate guns are not in position ...
time was ticking

Reserves are deployed, the left hill will not be overcome

cavalry race around on the Union left flank

many casualties (new in the collection) are
now on the field

more close combat accounting

with energy!

for some reason, <ahem RAY!> the Confederates
could not get high enough rolls to overcome
Union troops in close combat
Seen here one McLean is seeking a different
d10 in hopes of changing the luck

overall situation, still the crossroads are in Union hands

more of the Union troops had been lost at this stage
even so, more of a percentage of the starting
Confederate army was destroyed, shaken or in retreat

the latter stages were like two great boxers
neither was willing to concede

a fresh Union brigade arrives
just in time to halt the Confederates
at point blank range of no less than seven (7)
artillery batteries

tale of the timeline

at long last, near the end of the day, the Confederates
took the left flank hill
their division is shattered and cannot advance further

the right flank hill was also taken, though now under
fire from flanking and forward artillery
this division is also shattered

there were no 'undamaged' units at the end of the game

the Union still held the vital crossroads

A good day of game down in the War Dungeon, thanks for hosting again lads.