Sunday, November 19, 2017

Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games - Unboxing

So I have taken the plunge, adding a new dimension to my tabletop minis, PIRATES.

The two starter sets I chose were Spanish and English ... more are planned
 Actually this is a return to an old plan of mine, as I had a few 15mm Peter Pig minis from the 1990s, with a single ship model (that was close to the scale) and had Kelly Jones as a game opponent, indeed I think I still have the Captain and Bosun that I painted in the 1990s to game with Kelly.

This time round there's a company that is getting the genre right!  From the start they are doing land and sea. in 28mm with complete resin SHIPS that match the scale of the minis - no more fumbling around and desperately seeking something that will 'fit in' there are good sized SHIPS to use right away!

There be a Box of Pirates! here!
While my budget for this stage could not accept getting all of the minis and ships that I might have wanted to start with, I was able to pick up two sloops, four long boats and two crews of minis from the English and Spanish lines.  Along with the main rule-book, a set of gauges, and the cards that I have learned are useful in keeping track of things.

Ships and cards with some specialty leaders.

The Sloop unboxed here, to show the size of this wonderful model.
While this does add to the painting list, it means that I now have a good focus for this winter at the painting and gaming table, with a vision of getting in a few games in the new year and possibly adding a pirate match to our games plan out at this year's Salute.

The inside front cover of the rulebook is a map.
The rule-book starts out with history from the golden age of Piracy, enough to whet any would be boucaneer's appetite!

The only sour note in this shipment was the web exclusive commanders, who were packed in a plastic baggie, together.  Sadly the other bigger boxes and rule-book moving around in the box had bent the Spanish web exclusive commander at 90 degrees at the ankles!  I shall be doing careful works to restore him to an upright and fighting position.