Sunday, July 31, 2022

House repairs - or what I did last month ...

 The weather finally broke and now all my daylight hours are spent moving around the house to work in the shade.


Insulation needed to be pushed out and re-done in some sections, with all the eaves coverings taken off and still to go back on.

some of the eaves coverings now going back on

The roof leak was also completed so that now we need to await the rains to test it all.

flashing around chimney stack still to be
nailed down and new shingle line done
this was completed tonight

The playtest happened, some notes were made and now I am compiling all into a commentary for the rules authors.

opening positions

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Getting ready for a playtest

 I have been asked to make a review for a home-made set of rules and I thought this would be a great chance to put my new blocks to the test.

Found out already that I need to make some more blue 'command' stands.

French Forces

Allied Forces

Can you guess the battle?

Going to have a few runs at this one using this battlefield, to test out the concepts and make my notes.

Having read them over a few times and now printed them I have also made up the control materials as suggested ... got some ideas on sorting that out smaller already.


made my own hard copy of rules and QRS so that
I do not have to constantly refer to a computer screen

More in a few days.