Sunday, October 09, 2022

ACW progress and terrain arrives, this winter painting project

 Hello everyone!

It has been a whirlwind time for us here, new changes in focus and activity planning.

Both my wife and I have decided to run for our local council, I have joined the volunteer fire department and this has put a huge pressure on available time. 

The Sarissa Precision Models terrain for 15mm that I ordered a while ago, started arriving ... there were two packages and the second one arrived ... I realized I had put the wrong post code on the order.  I was concerned about the #1 of 2 arriving!  This was at the end of September, so I delayed any blog post about this, I wanted to be certain all was here before writing anything.

For my UK based readers ... what sort of candy/treat is this?

found in the top of box #1

I'll hold off trying it until I start on the buildings ...

In the meantime I have been cutting bases for the troops, as my first target battle will be Bull Run, 1861.

I had these great 30mmx30mm bases, but they are just a bit too
wide and deep for the rules system that most
of the other gamers use ...

This meant that I needed to shave 5mm off one side and 20mm off the other ...

I got a nice low-cost coping saw

then got busy

this will possibly make for some 'debris'?

The bases are all done now.

the #2 box arrived ... and the concern about the
post code started

Meanwhile my son had asked me to help finish the Sisters of Battle force for him that I had started a couple of years ago ...

all metal sisters of battle
base coated and ready for my brushes

So the work spaces have been busy, just not with my projects.  Now the painting queue is filling fast.

at long last!  this past Thursday
box #1 of 2 arrived!


Okay, so now the buildings for ACW in 15mm, something I had envisioned in 1995, yet been unable to follow up on until recently.  A full on ACW game set in 15mm, a scale I have not painted much of in the past 20 years.

the Antietam set includes the Dunker Church
and a stone bridge

a wooden bridge and some rail fencing

some 'extra' rail and a flatbed car
>wait< 'extra'?

some houses

a shack and a house

a railway station, water tower and
more track

a full on train 4-0-0 with many cars
(hence the 'extra' of the other set)

and finally a couple of 15mm scale IRONCLADS
not likely to be much more than a visual aid
though it may be fun to come up with some
PRE-Iron rules dealing with keeping these
steam-powered things working!

... and there you have it dear readers, what my past few weeks have been all about and now having troops, buildings and more to get stuck into the ACW along with my son's Sisters of Battle project.

What have you been up to in the end of summer 2022?

Also, again for my UK readers, what is the candy/treat?