Monday, April 18, 2016

Lion Rampant night out with Bluebear

A good Sunday night outing was had with a visit to Bluebear Jeff's table.

The two sides early in the match

critical moment when the dark age Scots had their leader shot up by archers
Jeff has been champing at the bit to get me to do some "Lion Rampant" games, so this past Sunday night, after a total failure of a weekend in other game plans, I went out.

Some Dark Ages Greek looking fellas were my troops vs. some Scottish looking opponents.

Rules are fairly simple, though they lack diagrams to show tabletop 'actions' with clarity in some situations; good amiable opponents make for a better game experience.

Play is fast enough that we did the meeting engagement and had time for a 'messenger escort' game.

Sadly the Scots did not have any border horse in their troop mix and were badly outclassed by having to chase horses on foot.

the line of shields was the 'finish line' that the horsemen needed to get to ...
 The closest they came was after two failed move rolls for the Greek Yeoman, then it was all anti-climactic.

Perhaps I shall have a go at some crazy Cossacks in another week?

In the meantime, work continues on the Hundred Days Campaign, blog parts are being assembled and the Cyberboard Gamebox is coming together at last.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Library Finale

Fell flat.

Troops were all laid out for a last engagement between Austrians and French, this time the Austrians were going to be on the attack!

I had my youngest keen to do the setup, then no players were interested.  Finally we got things going, then my youngest lost interest.  He's 10.  This is allowed.

Game ended mid-way thru turn 3.

Flat way to end the games at the Library, next up will be some Squad Leader; to gauge interest.

Did you have no-shows in your games?