Wednesday, January 30, 2019

English Civil War - Cornish Forces on Parade

While the lances will need their pennants, and maybe a flag will be added as I haven't yet decided on the final look of the horse units, here are the totality of the Cornish Royalists as I have for my English Civil War forces.

This particular officer is an advance look at the 'border horse' troops that I have planned, though they will not be under brush until after the Petronels, the Oxford Foot and Oxford Horse are all done.

an overview of the whole force, 4 Horse, 4 Pike & Shot Regiments

using the camera really near the table surface gives a unique look to the photos

some of the officer poses turned out great

long line of horse

blurry foreground officer

and without

Regiments colors to the fore

Golden Dragon of Wessex to the fore

this shot just turned out so well

more of a top-down view

a bit further away again downward view

more gunners added with a more ECW look to them

The new horse forces of demi-lancers

the Blewes

again a low to the table view of the forces, each regiment has its own preacher armed with a sword
This entire force was bare metal on December 10, 2018 and finished on January 26, 2019.

Monday, January 28, 2019

ECW Cornish Horse Parade

Having completed the flocking, now they troop out for their first collective photos.

The Blewes, I am really happy with the way this unit turned out

The Greys, the other 'lancer' unit

Officers, using flash for photo

Officers, no flash

The Reds
a bit blurry photo, so I moved it down near the end, of the whole horse force

The Buffs, they did not turn out as good a color as I had hoped after the gloss coating.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sounding the muster: English Civil War Cornish Horse

The concept of 'heavy horse' was certainly in existence during the 1642-51 English Civil War, for the continental armies of the 30 years war had been using them.

Only the Parliament actually had any Cuirassier, though many officers and some other notables in the ranks with their own means, wore the plated armour of the true Heavy Horse, I have decided to use the demi-lancers of an earlier period as part of my Cornish Royalist forces.  Partly to give them a distinctive look and partly to make note of the more limited arms that the Cornish Royalists had access to so they were making do with the older arms that were still around.

As usual, they all start out as bare metal castings:

bare metal

grey base coat

block 'under color' of dark brown mix, put on very wet and thick

a 'wet brush' of an off white, mostly eggshell like color mix of white and brown

under-coat of primary horse colors, red, orange (most of them are orange) and yellow

inks layers done and dolor sets on the horse blankets and troopers, now transferred to their mounts

gloss coating layer done, awaiting flocking

Sunday, January 13, 2019

English Civil War Muster of the Cornish Foote

Having completed the new Cornish Foote force I was able to get 1/2 of the flags printed after the gloss coat and flocking.

Here they are in a sample formation.

Overview of the whole brigade

Brigade Command

The Blews & Redds each sporting the Golden Dragon of Wesses flags, which each regiment will have in the end along with an alternate flag

The alternate flags of the black & yellow regiments

something of a 'rabble', these are local trained bands, one with some shotte, the other with 'short pikes'

a favorite view of the table, with the flags showing off

three more 3-man artillery crews were also put together in this set, the guns have been around for more than a decade now

flash shot of the blacks

flash shot of the blewes

flash shot of the new commands stands

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sounding the muster: English Civil War Cornish Foote force - painting progress

Starting in mid-December last year, this Cornish force started off their drill.

They were completed just last week on January 8, 2019.

bare metal, then wet 'dark brown' base coat

damp white layer

color blocking

color blocking layer 2

color blocking layer 3


details stage 1

details stage 2
Following this comes details stage 3 (my camera failed to focus properly and the pictures were spoiled and I did not see it until now).

This leaves the minis at the stage ready for gloss coat and the flocking.