Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Pulp Action - Mandalorians in the great South Seas!

Rob's new addition to the pulp island board.
The Mandalorian League called "Deathwatch", having been mis-identified as robot men and appearing to support the Chinatown League "The Yellow Peril" in a recent encounter, have decided to re-group at their hidden, though damaged, transport ship.

They made this choice because a strange man had been found to have a truck filled with parts from their ship, drawings of systems of their ship and he went down before he could be questioned.

The Deathwatch League had captured another apparent member of these strangers and she was willing to inform on them ...

The Yellow Peril had determined to find out what these strangers were up to and booked passage on a steamer to follow up on the clues that they had found, which were telling them an island in the South Seas was going to be a hot spot.

Meanwhile the Adventure League RODIO (pronounced Rodeo) newly led by Fang had also found clues leading them to this strange island in the South Seas.

overall view of the table

a known 'major plot point' was in a perilous area in table center

while other plot points were in other areas

The jungle table always puts on a good show

The leagues then closed in on the little clues they had for follow up ...

Yellow Peril arrived in boars

Rodio had been moving across the island

a definitive action was planned by Yellow Peril

The Yellow Peril's captive provided information which brought them quickly to a plot point

moving with caution Deathwatch League were using al available cover
This was a combined action scenario, with a need for both combat and non-combat skills.

the 'Parley' card was played to keep the action focus only on the plot points

Cards were fast in action this game, with the first turn done (one 'cartridge' removed)

Local natives, often termed 'ooga-booga-men' jumped out when disturbed by The Yellow Peril

Deathwatch League were fast in getting their first plot point and allowing them to engage the major plot point.

Upon closing up to the entrance of a strange region, the first Mandalorian is engaged by an agent, with good tech ...
The Mandalorian "Deathwatch" were now becoming aware of an opponent that appeared to have at least equal tech ...

another Parley card played brings the combat action to a halt

this caused a cautious standoff to build up for The Yellow Peril

more ooga-booga-men bring the Deathwatch to a similar stand off

while the captives, the redhead in the lower right, were busy looking for ways to get away

The Yellow Peril captive also has taken action to escape, though failing to really break away
 The game got a 'spare' turn with a card play and this was enough to permit, one member of each league to enter the dimension doorway before it closed and shifted away from the South Seas Island ...

Rodio had already lost a League member to this strange dimension doorway in Chinatown

Now the adventure will shift to a more 'role-play' focus with one member of each league holding a captive from the strangers and the strangers holding one of each league ...

While each League has started from their own background and had only a few points for development, now these leagues are going to combine into their own new 'title' or line.  I am going with Planets of Peril as a new 'logo' over the 'covers' used on their character cards.

The new adventure series logo.