Friday, November 25, 2022

ACW Union 2nd Division for 1st Bull Run

Two decades after starting this project, abandoning it at one point, it feels great to have this first Division of 15mm troops finalized.

The 2nd Division under Colonel Hunter
ready for the tabletop


Keen eyed readers will see the new 'label' markers and holders.  I have used some 'cubes' that my son asked me to generate for his games uses and there are plenty of extras.  So I have put them to some use here as 'weights' and supports for wires to hold the letters and 'pins' (in this case with green glass beads on them - to indicate fresh and loaded weapons for 'first fire'), there are more glass beaded pins with orange, red, yellow, two different blues and purple colors - something that can be separately defined.

painting in progress

the game set of these minis includes casualties and
a 'chicken dancer' for a disorder marker

there's just something about that interim moment
of the troops mounted to the bases

the moment again captured from overhead

here seen fully flocked, the casualties off to the
right of the image

Well, that's the first of many divisions.

I start 1st Division and Union Army HQ this week.

I may be ready to put something on the table in January of February at this rate.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Game table in action, more to come!

 There is now a glimmer of activity on the game table and there are plans for more action.

completed only the day before, the Sisters of Battle
take to the field!

the moment the camera came out ... many 1's

the tank came out well

combined with the older minis I did a few years ago

busy action

I even did some 'mud' flocking on the tank treads

good day for the boys in getting their 40K collections
on the tabletop

Meanwhile ... I continued painting.

now the base color and inks are done

Also, there was discussion about more tabletop action, including putting Napoleonic forces on the table on December 4.

A new years game weekend is also in progress.

Great to have the games back in action.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

ACW 15mm Union troops - the painting starts

 After a few decades of delay and restart, at long last today I got base coat paint layer on the first Division of troops for the American Civil War 15mm games.

bare metal going through last cleaning and
filing down the bases for painting

Union General Hunter's 2nd Division
all mounted on to painting sticks for base coat

the first base coat layer, using airbrush base coat
applied with a brush

After such a long delay I am most pleased with the quick start here.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Warhammer 40K commission done

 My son asked me to do up some of the 'Sisters of Battle' for his 40K armies.

They were started off with some special models that he got a few years ago.

Today I finished off the bulk of the foot troops.

flying battle nuns
in basic undercoat & ink

same nuns - with highlights and metallic

Now the whole force is done and I can switch gears into ACW 15mm mode ...

everything just after matte coat application

Flocking as requested is done

The keen eyed will notice that the minis are on a different rack for drying ... I have moved upstairs for the time being as the garage hobby space is just too cold.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Continued ACW progress and paint works

 At long last I have put in some time to finish a project.

The WH 40K 'sisters of battle' group is very nearly ready for matte coating.

The game table got into action again.

ACW minis are starting the muster for uniforms and being prepared for battle.

just the foot troops in their stages, from bottom to top
base colors, mid-tones, highlights

mid-tones and highlights for another squad
and the vehicle

final colors and metallic
only the banners need finishing

My eldest and middle sons got together with others for a fun day of 40K

The 15mm ACW forces for Bull Run are all ready for muster and may see paint sometime this coming month ...

Finally, I came across a free bit of a display cabinet and have begun to stage items within it.

some of the larger 54mm Napoleonic statues I have
along with a few matching 28mm ones I painted (top shelf)
a little sample of the ECW forces (mid shelf)
starting to lay out some of the bookshelf games
(bottom shelf)

later on I found that the sloops fit nicely in the
lower shelf area ... maybe all the Pirates will
fit in this area?

A whirlwind month in October, not elected and happy to put in plenty of time in fire practice and getting some extra-curricular volunteer time at the elementary school - doing a little relay race with the grade-schoolers, I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

Up next on the painting schedule are the flying contingent for the sisters and then the long-awaited start of kitting up for the American Civil War forces.