Monday, December 27, 2010


Bluebear Jeff agreed to my request to get something going on a tabletop.

I has simply expressed a desire to push lead, maybe something naval as I knew that Jeff had been reading much on things 'wet'.

So the Japanese-Russian engagement from the turn of the last century was proposed.
The Battle of the Yellow Sea

This time my eldest son got to choose where he wanted to start off, then whether he wanted me as a team mate or not.

He chose the Japanese, and set me up as the leading element.

Not knowing much of the early iron behemoth tactics, I went with a line from Nelson, "forget about all the tactics and maneuver, just go straight at em."

Then I discovered that I had better gun range than their lead ship.

Time to do a little maneuver, at least to get my better guns into range and keep their others limited.

Next time, I go slower and let them come to me ... the Russians had to get out on the one end where the Japanese already were.

Nothing like the historical, of course we did not get the zany luck of killing the lead Russian Admiral right after he gave a change course order...