Monday, June 14, 2010

After Action Report

My son Victor and I filled out the troops and laid out a map on the tabletop

Our instructions were: one collision will be Rudelheim militia and dragoons running into Highlander mercs and fusiliers and Hussars (Frankszonia under Broderick Woad) in open but rolling terrain.

Here we see the first major action on the tabletop, the mercenary Highlanders and fusiliers have advanced while the Dragoons have moved to engage their opposing Hussars.

Here we see a closer image of the lines of Infantry set-up in opposition...the Militia men have spread out their ranks to cover the larger numbers of mercenaries.

A close-up of the first cavalry tangles that would erupt on the Militia right wing.

This cavalry tangle-brawl carried on for three rounds. Then the Dragoons overrun the Hussars, pressing on into the flank of some Fusiliers (shattering them and taking their colors) and carrying on into the flank of the Highlanders (who did not make it into square!); who kept their cool and drove off the Dragoons.

Here we see the foot lines exchanging fire, with the Highlanders now in Square.

Meanwhile the Dragoons were triumphant over yet another formation of Hussars, Victor looks on with interest.

With Turn 7 (perhaps 2 hours & 20 minutes simulated) the tipping point was fast approaching. Half of the Dragoons and 1/3rd of the Militia were either destroyed or fled the battle. On the Mercenary side the Hussars were all badly mauled, one fusilier unit was utterly shattered the others were all suffering casualties in the continued musketry exchange with the militia. Only the Highlanders were relatively unscathed, though forced to maintain their square due to the presence of the greater half of the Dragoons.

The tip came with a blast from one of the wounded militia formations, shattering the morale of the remaining fusiliers ~ the retreat was on, the Highlander Mercenary infantry brigadier was unable to stem the tide.

Proudly showing their captured fusilier colors taken as a prize the triumphant Dragoons began cheering as they watched the mercenary lines dissolve...

Facing defeat, the mercenary commander must now recoil without becoming enveloped by the Dragoons, with all his Hussars fleeing the field the Highlanders may have to walk out in square until dark...

As can be seen here at the end of the day's battle, the mercenary infantry could easily be pinned and forced to surrender utterly.

Thus is the pain of fighting in the open when your cavalry cover is gone.