Monday, September 28, 2020

Battlefield "A" of Shako Mini Campaign.

 The third battle in our three-column campaign turned out to be the best of the three, with both of the "3" rated commanders present to tangle.

My freshly painted Bavarian troops also make their tabletop debut!

I have finished the painting of a Bavarian division so that the French could field three full divisions in future games (now I shall have to look into getting some proper Portuguese troops finished so that the Anglo forces could do the same).  So with their first appearance - and not under my command - I was keen to see how they would perform.

A rough version of the map

an odd placement put the Bavarian div on the French left
with the Dragoons sandwiched in the middle

We later learned that the French command staff work was terrible in doing the map sketch leaving not enough room for the divisions to deploy ...

The Bavarian div was going to make a left hook around the rough ground

Anglo forces had a similar odd deployment of artillery among the rocks

Bavarian Jaeger force leading the way

more of the Bavarian div (first table appearance ever)

view from the French far left

looking back towards the French left,
Bavarian div command in center

Looking to the right from French command

Anglo command had the horse at the ready ...

okay last overview of the new Bavarian Division

The first moves were very slow as the rough ground slowed everyone down.

Turn 2 table overview from French left :: Anglo right

French Dragoon Div broke out into the rough ground to get a closer view of Anglo actions

French central division pounded away with artillery, scoring many hits

Anglo officers were sent out to shift the facing and orders of the right division in the rough ground
to counter the moves of the Bavarian Div

Anglo Portuguese troops quickly occupied the central town

French command stand, featuring my version of Ney

Anglo commands, featuring Wellsley and Uxbridge

first clash of arms came in turn 3

60th rifles skirmishing with Bavarian Jaeger force
while the rest of the Bavarian div marches past

Anglo troops in rough ground struggle to maneuver and change facing

Bavarian columns press on past the rough ground

horse artillery now positioning to support
Bavarian Div move on flank

I was reminded that the day, 19th September 2020, was also talk like a pirate day, so I pulled out my jolly roger and included it on a quiet table sector.

turn 4 and the Anglo forces have not finished their re-deployment

Bavarian div surges forward

view from Anglo right wing across the line

on the left an Anglo-Portugese force was climbing the steep hill

while French Dragoons had moved again to have an overview of the whole field (nearly in the center!)

hill on the French right was going to be busy!

Turn 5 field view

Bavarian div was now combining with French horse artillery with devastating effect

Portuguese troops were pushed out of the town by British Elites and Guardsmen

the hill on the French right was now occupied by British battalions
a volley exchange was coming up!

turn 6 overview - the Bavarian Jaegers had thrown back horse!

though taking casualties the Bavarian Div held a supported line!

Bavarian Jaegers made history by throwing off a cavalry charge
and then surviving a point-blank artillery fire!

French horse guns continued a barrage with deadly effect

French foot gunners continued to fire at British elite infantry
while taking massive casualties (2/3 of this battery dead)
from British horse artillery in the opposite
rough ground

Turn 7 overview

Bavarian miracle Jaegers continue to hold the front line!

support troops are taking casualties, just not enough to break

overview of the French left wing now beating back the Anglo forces in the rough ground

both the Bavarian and Anglo Division commanders seen here

different angle of the confused fighting in the rough ground on the Anglo right

on the French right, the combined line and second rate force were
out-shooting the opposing British line ...

Turn 8, the knife's edge now with the French just barely ahead of the British

Portuguese battalion is smashed by French Dragoons

hill on the French right saw one British battalion flee from the firefight

leaving the remaining battalion having to hold the top of the hill
outnumbered 3:1

unable to break the Bavarian div,
the British were content to keep it contained

a charge threat to the Anglo headquarters was stopped by accurate gunnery

continued barrages from the French artillery shattered an Elite British unit

while the French stormed the top of the right steep hill and
smashed the Anglo-Portugese forces there

all that remained were the Elite & Guards in the town,
since the French Dragoon division had been broken
they were able to withdraw under the cover
of the damaged Light Dragoons

Result:  French Victory!

This placed the Campaign round robin at 2:1 in favor of the French who would now advance into Portuguese territory for the Championship battle.

We diced for a more complex terrain and set-up:

two map-halves were joined

After dicing for each map half, the players then were assigned which base-edge they would come 'from' and then choose to center forces on 'left - center (or) - right', both selected 'center", which then set the final map form:

Now we had the general map for the Championship battle, to come in the last Saturday in September, the 26th - if weather held, we might also do the game outside.

Sadly, just like the game before, battlefield B, this time I could not get the twitch broadcast to work and I have no video of the game.  Thankfully we did get the video out to Chris, our long-distance player.

Next up:  Championship battle!