Sunday, June 24, 2018

New ECW Royalists line up for drill

Bare Metal Welsh Foote

More Welsh Foote and some sappers

With a much needed rain falling today I'm unable to get my freshly mustered Welsh Pike & Shotte Foote into their layer of base coat.

The painting spaces have been finally re-organized after some much needed paring down of the surplus metal that came from Jeff.  There are still some painted items remaining that I'm keeping an eye/ear open for potential new owners.

They are: 15mm Prussian Horse & Foot forces.
25mm Carthaginian Ancients army, with foot, chariots, camels and an elephant!

With this re-organization has come a realization that barring a set of games (planned for this autumn - though it may not come off as planned) which might use WRG ancients rules for 15mm, which would let me put my Rise of Rome forces onto the field; that I shall have to look seriously at selling off the collection along with the terrain boards.  Not something I'm really keen on yet the lack of storage and need to make room is making the minis that continue to be 'in the way' a time consuming action whenever a search or move of items is called for.

(WRG fans and foes might enjoy that last run-on sentence. ;)  )

Tabletop time is being carved out from the distractions of earning funds and keeping house.

Game on!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Carnage & Glory II : First blush Napoleonic & ECW computer moderated tabletop games.

Carnage & Glory II Napoleon's Wars
A fresh approach begins.

I have examined many tabletop game systems, few of them hold the promise that Carnage & Glory II does for solo-play.

The removal of dice and the multitude of charts and other record keeping is moved to the computer, the right place for it!

So now over the coming few months I shall delve into the details and run some tabletop encounters with this system Nigel P. Marsh.

Carnage & Glory The Age of Pike and Shot
A tip of the virtual hat to Nigel, for the copy of the P&S version of the game system that I had on memory stick had failed only a day after I had first uploaded the game onto my computer.

Not missing a beat Nigel sent out a download link for the program so that I could stay functional.

Bravo to Nigel P. Marsh!