Friday, July 12, 2013

Magnetic Minatures system SHAKO and FPGA details

I have been asked to do something of an expose on the magnetic miniatures system that I use for all of my tabletop miniatures games.

In an effort to do this more thoroughly I have made some short videos to cover the topic.

The whole process of converting from FPGA to SHAKO
demonstrating the flexibility of the magnetic miniatures system

Command figure bases in some detail

Many thanks to Jeff for suggesting I cover this topic in more detail.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Tabletop dressing

One of the regular readers of the MarauderS blog has asked what did I use to create the hill shapes under my tabletop drapery.

In answer to this I have made a series of short videos covering all aspects of the tabletop dressing that I currently use.

Starting off with just getting the tabletop surface.
In this case an old chalkboard that is 4 feet by 6 feet.

Next the 'hills' are placed and taped onto the table surface.
The geo-hex is 30 cm across flats (close to 1 foot).

Then the cloth drapery is place over the surface.

Then the 'greenery' and water features are laid out and brought to life.

Finally the urban environment is completed.

My thanks to Jim and Jeff for the inspiring questions and suggestions to do video of my processes.