Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prussian Cavalry - new project

On my painting desk currently are some Prussian Cavalry.

Once again I share an inspirational image By Lilliane and Fred Funcken, recently I was informed that Fred had passed on to the summer lands of great artists.

a Funcken image always gives inspiraton
I had also come across an interesting article that someone had clipped for me from The Courier.  I was de-cluttering and decided to scan the flags images and found that they 'scanned' into separate images.  So I decided to share it with you.

Prussian Cavalry Flags

Prussian Cavalry Flags

Prussian Cavalry Flags

Prussian Cavalry Flags

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 1

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 3

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 2

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 4

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 6

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 5

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure  7

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 8

Prussian Cavalry Flags Figure 9

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 6

As part of the Campaign of Nations game a further skirmish game was played out in the UK by veteran players, who had earlier in the day been to Triples.

This game had started before the conclusion of Game 5, so the players did not know that they were playing out a potentially series ending match.

The Lancers came out triumphant over the Cossacks
The report came in via Skype, while a possible Game 7 was in progress:

Cossacks spotted very early enabled Polish Big Man (officer) to send for re-inforcements. With the run of the cards the fighting between the opposing forces was fairly even, more stand-offish with a few individual combats. Only inflicting light wounds.
Cossack Big Man eventually was able to send for the troops but it was too late.
The remainder of the Polish Line Lancers, 60 strong which had been held back as a reserve, arrived on the front and right flank of the Cossacks. The Cossacks used their expert riding skills to leave the field of battle VERY quickly, leaving 25% of their original number (16) dead or too seriously injured on the field.
After a short pursuit the Polish Squadron commander reined his troops in and returned to their starting point, job done. He did however double the level of skirmishing troops to his front. And moved his reserve position closer to them just in case!!!
This has been a lot of fun to organize and now I must report off the Campaign critical information to the relevant player.

Thank you, Mike, Rafa, Jim, Peter and Eric for your actions in this Skirmish Series!

Cossack & Lancer Skimish Series - Game 5

As part of the Campaign of Nations game, the Skirmish Series continues.

This game was played at the same time as Game 4 in the UK, players at either location did not know what was happening at the other ...

scene from the climax of the battle as one lone Lancer takes on six Cossacks!
The battlefield was across a stream that both sides needed to find out about the crossing ...

the field of battle
Both sides had active players and so we could use a double-blind system that left the 'spotting' of troops as a possibility, where one side might see the other before being seen.

copper or gold 'eagles' became 'spotting targets' that could be where troops located, here two Cossacks have fired off carbines and there may be more Cossacks lurking near the copper eagle
The Cossacks were spotted first, however chose not to move to explore much.

The Lancers were more aggressive with their approach and moved to the deep left flank, falling on the Cossacks as soon as they were spotted.

Lancer races in to contact with Cossack
Over on the other flank, the Cossacks had massed into a line and were set to charge ... only the French Hussars were not getting on with it (we were using a card-based movement system and there were no black cards coming up)!

A Cossack has killed the Hussar patrol leader!
Where the Lancers started a charge they have caught many Cossacks, and fought a battle - at one point there was one lone Lancer facing down six Cossacks!  That Lancer did not come away, yet the delay he caused in the Cossacks permitted a counter-attack that struck Cossacks in the flank and rear.

Fighting against greater numbers the Lancers pressed home
One of the Cossack patrol leaders became distracted by something at the top of a hill (random event) and during that distraction the Lancer Trumpeter rode forward and skewered him.

Cossack patrol leader made a foolish decision to cause him to become distracted during the melee
Now the Cossacks failed a morale check and half of the force was going to flee, the other half was badly injured and going to back off.  While the French had half of their force backing off, while the Lancers pressed home ... French win!

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 4

As part of the Campaign of Nations game, the fourth game of the Skirmish series was run in UK by talented veteran players, who had just returned from Triples.

Polish Lancers struck hard at the Cossacks in Game 4
The fast report sent to this writer via Skype was:

the French Vistula Legion Lancers scoring a resounding win over the Cossacks.  A solid charge cut down around half the Cossacks after being caught by surprise.

This tied up the series at two games each.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 3

The Campaign of Nations Skirmish Series continues, this time a game played by Jim of Dispatches from Syldavia.

Cossacks writing a letter ...
This was a very bloody affair, with only 1 Lancer out of 10 coming away unscathed, and only 2 of the 12 Cossacks likewise making it out without injury.

Full details coming.

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 2

Rafa has run the second game of the Skirmish Series and the Cossacks have won!

Caught in ambush the Lancers had little success
This time the Cossacks were ready with an ambush that worked very well indeed!

Read the full details at Project Leipzig (1813)

Now the score is 1 game each and a fifth game is guaranteed on Sunday.

Once again the first to reach 4 winning games will get the valuable campaign information for the Campaign of Nations.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 1

As part of the Campaign of Nations game, the Cossack vs. Lancer series of skirmish games will determine which side will gain some vital campaign information and which side will also preserve their own vital secrets.

Lancers win game one.
The after action report for game one simply is a French Lancer Victory.  Placing the score as 1 game to 0 in favor of the Lancers.

Now for some fast detail:

The map was dead simple, a little hill, a creek, an abandoned farmhouse and field along with some woods.

There being no opponent (my son changed his mind) I used the 'card blank' idea from Jim, and laid out some Cossacks scouting the far side of the stream and some in more defensive positions in the woods, field and farmhouse (though I did not know exactly the numbers were where as there were 4 'blank' cards in the mix.
The map, red harts for the Cossacks
First push onto the field

The Lancers came on, though not all at once, as soon as the first 4 arrived they spotted a lone Cossack dashing from the woods to the creek ford, there at the ford was another pair of Cossacks (unknown to the Lancers one of the pair at the creek was the Cossack patrol leader - who likewise dashed to 'activate' everyone else in his command).

That left a small knot of Cossacks to cover the ford and a pair of Cossacks had dashed from the woods across the stream to threaten the Lancer patrol leader, now the rest of the Lancers arrived and the fight was on in earnest!

Fight for the center
As it turned out, there were three 'blank' cards in the farmhouse, so only one lone Cossack was able to fire out from the shattered front door.  His first two shots were ineffective (pistol shots maybe?) , then with a Lancer going to flank attack one of the open Cossacks ... bang!  Dead Lancer.

All even with the Lancers just across the stream
The two Cossacks who had burst from the woods, were now dispatched, and the Cossack leader had assembled with four others on the other side of the screen of bush from an equal number of Lancers.  The Cossacks drew pistols and fired off ... now there were one less Lancer than they across the stream.

In the farmhouse a Lancer charged into the door engaging in close quarters with his Cossack foe, the Lancer came out the victor.

Now the Lancers at the stream must make a choice ... draw pistols or CHARGE!

Make ready ...
The choice was obvious ... CHARGE!

Even with the penalty of having to attack across the hedges the Lancers came out on top!  Two Cossacks were eliminated in the charge.  Both sides needed to do morale checks now though, the Cossacks had only 3 of their starting 12 remaining active and the Lancer leader had been wounded.

Cossack roll came up: retreat.

Lancer roll came up: fall back.

Leaving the Lancers as masters of this field ...

There are at least three more of these games coming from UK, Spain and Quebec.  I hope to be able to report something of them in the next day.

Unless the Cossacks fail in all three of those contests there will be battles to come on Sunday 19 May.  Stay tuned here for the results!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cossack and Lancer Skirmish Series

Lancers were respected by Cossacks
As a part of the Campaign of Nations game that I am taking part in there has come up the opportunity to run a series of skirmish games.

The winner of 4 of these 7 matches will get access to critical campaign information.

There are a team of other game players who will be running similar matches on Saturday and Sunday, from UK to Spain then into Quebec we shall have a set of game tables active all around the world, when combined with Australia running another larger battle in the campaign as well on Sunday.

One of the other gamers, Rafa, has done up a detailed game that he has given me permission to share here:

The Probing Patrol (September, 1813)

Historical background: 

Somewhere in Saxony, the French and Allied light cavalry units are scouting the terrain between both
armies, trying to gather information about the whereabouts and composition of the enemy.
The Polish General Uminski has sent a patrol of the 1st squadron of the Krakus Regiment, under their
young ADC Lieutenant Kaminski, to scout towards the village of Herrnhut. Past the cemetery, the
road leading the village crosses a stream and a drainage ditch through a plank bridge. There is a lone
cabin log on the far bank at left and a small wood at the right flank and the Poles, fearing an ambush,
approaches cautiously to the water stream.

Meanwhile and hidden in the wood, lieutenant Uvarov (a young aristocrat serving as ADC to
Majorgeneral Tetteborn) watches the approaching Poles, while his men, veterans from the Denisov
#7 Cossack Regiment, are awaiting his signal to fall over their ancestral enemies...

This is a Scenario for Song of Drums and Shakos from Ganesha Games


Terrain for the SDS Skirmish Scenario
The stream and drainage ditch are fordable for mounted men. Men on foot must use the fords or
bridges. The stream is also fordable at a distance of 1M from the bridge.

Engaged Forces 

Cossacks (Denisov Cossack #7 Regiment)
1 Officer, 1 NCO, 9 Cossacks. 11 men 680 points
Poles (Krakus Regiment)
1 Officer, 1 NCO, 8 Privates. 10 men 716 points


Must deploy at the East (right) side of the game‐table behind line A‐A. They can be hidden into the
wood or behind the cabin. Until 1D4 men can dismount and use a musket and these men can also
hide within the cabin. The horses are behind the cabin.

The Krakus enter through the western roads (pink arrows).

Scenario Special Rules
• Cossacks are the first side.
• Poles and Cossacks were ‘Enemies’, so both sides check Moral with only two dice.
• Any dismounted model recoiling on the stream and beyond 1M distance from the bridge, must
make a Quality roll or drowns. In any case, the water will spoil his shot and powder. And the
model cannot fire anymore until he picks up a firearm and ammo from a wounded or dead model.
• Models inside the cabin log or behind a wall benefit of hard cover.
• The cabin door is closed. It takes an action to open or close them.
• Models can enter the cabin only through the door (possibly by bashing it).
• Up to 2 dismounted or one mounted models can be placed side by side on the bridge.
• Line of Sight and Arc of fire through windows. Models can fire through windows, but only with an
arc of fire of 45°. Anything out of this arc and near to the wall cannot be seen.
Victory conditions
• Both sides have the same objective: to deny the enemy any information, so the winner will be the
side remaining on the battlefield.
• Normal rules and morale tests apply to both sides attackers (i.e. they lose if their

Monday, May 06, 2013

Garden Wars battle of May 5 - somewhere between Italy and Austria

Garden Wars season five opening game
In order to put the new Austrians to the test and take advantage of some early beautiful weather I laid out a meeting engagement between those Austrians, all of them that I have, and an Italian French allied force.

After mowing the lawn back to provide the flat ground and leaving some tall grass sections to become the 'forests' for the game area (and the front lawn - not used in the game) I was able to lay out the two forces for all to see.

The Austrian forces consisted of 6 divisions with some 19 combat battalions or squadrons (Shako does not count the artillery as part of the victory determination) while the Italians were commanded by my custom Eugene miniature had a total of 15 units across 5 divisions.

Garden Wars forces for May 5
While my eldest and youngest sons took some time to lay out the buildings on the field that I had cut and set out a pair of river onto.

Garden Wars map with rivers and woods enhanced to see
My eldest son laid out the traffic cone for the far corner of the field then set about making the plan for attack with his youngest brother.

I then laid out the defenders and watched as their divisions closed in ...

By turn seven the first divisions had reached within three times command span (our chosen rules for 'detection') and beyond artillery range ...  at long last the new Austrians were going to make their first appearance!

New Austrian Corps makes their first appearance in a Garden Wars game
By turn eight there were more detection of forces ...

Garden Wars detection range ... three yards
We had started to use this detection method of movement with cardboard 'blanks' for the troops as it was much simpler to do the long range moves where limited information and no chance of combat would occur.

The troops were moving fast and so were the turns as another turn passed before I took some situation photos of the Italians and French along with the advancing Austrians, who had crossed the north river ford and appeared to have the town as a target.  Artillery fire was starting to happen from the French guns in the town, drawing first blood on the Austrian Hessen-Homburg Hussars (just for you Jim).

Italian Infantry - with attached Voltiguers out ahead in the edge of the woods

Austrian columns approaching the north ford, taking some long range artillery fire

French in the town, above the flag you can see the opposing Austrian columns
Then the longer moves started to happen as the troops now needed to be moved, this permitted a few more photos, in this case the two boys laid out their plans as they moved, it also gives a better sense of scale.

Garden Wars boys moving their forces
Now the French foot artillery was starting to have some effect as the Hessen-Homburg Hussars were taking casualties and becoming disordered (see the artillery wheel in amongst the blue hatted, red pants riders).

Shako rules, used in Garden Wars call for disorder in units, here marked with the wagon wheel (center right)

Two Austrian divisions marching in column towards the north river ford
On the south side, more divisions were into detection range, the Austrians were crossing the south east ford, while French Chasseurs and Hussars waited on the west bank of the south west ford.

South east ford as Austrians are crossing

Same group as above different angle, the board with the horseman is the Austrian Cuirassier div - just out of range of detection, though moving too fast to be an infantry formation
The French Carabinier were also having a debut in Garden Wars and their division moved into detection range as they approached the town after being sent new orders on turn 12.

French armored cavalry Carabinier
By this point only two Austrian formations were not now visible and all of the Italian French were.

The Austrian attack appeared to be a widely separated double envelopment, the two arms were too far apart to support each other ... so the French response was to concentrate on the one that was closest ... unfortunately for the Austrians they did not bring in their Grenadiers in time ...

Garden Wars general situation at turn 13
Now the Italians and French went into motion, the Heavy Cavalry was sent to the 'no mans land' between the north bridge and ford and the Italian foot division was sent into the same area, while Eugene redeployed himself and the reserve foot artillery into ... the same area.  Now the Austrian militia division was going to be sorely tested,  was the line infantry division at the north east ford.

French Heavy Cavalry into column thru the town

Carabinier's red crests stand out

Italian horse battery sets up and drives off the Hessen-Homburg Hussars

Left without a cavalry screen, the Austrian militia division seeks cover of the woods

Now the Austrian Cuirassier had new orders to push forward and pressure the French light cavalry at the south west ford.

Austrian Ciurassier cross the south east ford
More positioning happened for both sides as the Cuirassier continued to advance.

one full turn of movement with the horse shows how far they can travel , compare the watermill in the upper photo from turn 15
Now the French artillery in the town had Uhlans to target, though the long range made for limited effects.

More Austrian forces getting their first taste of action in Garden Wars
view of the battle from town - dominated by French infantry, the Austrian Uhlans can be seen in the upper left
Now Eugene had re-located his HQ, and the corps artillery was close to its deployment.  Meanwhile the Austrian Cuirassier division was finally close to the south west ford.

Eugene moves his HQ

Austrian Cuirassier have reached their destination, past the forward deployed infantry

In turn 18 the French dragoons were able to catch a line of militia caught in disorder due to the voltigeurs in the woods causing them to become disordered.  Also a pair of columns of Italian and Irish (wild geese) were finished coming through the woods, not changing formation they charged the disordered square of militia before them!

Irish and Italian columns hit an Austrian militia square

The charge seen from above
Dragoons hit a line from the flank
This was also the point when the Corps artillery got set up with supporting Italian foot behind them.  The Austrians at the north east ford were going to get a taste of effective range ball shot.

French Corps foot artillery make ready to bombard Austrians
View of the north east ford (rocks) from the Italians charging the square, French Heavy Cavalry to the left, Austrians seen in the distance top center to right
Now the French Dragoons were to charge towards the Austrian line just across the north east ford, the Austrian Uhlans were ready to intercept, though they had been wounded by French horse batteries attached to the heavy cavalry division. 

Austrian Uhlans engage French Dragoons

Carabinier stand watch between horse batteries pounding Austrians across the river

Heavy Cavalry Division in action (the white plume in the foreground is the commander)
Austrian Uhlans were no match for the Dragoons, who then drove into their original intended target the line of infantry, that now failed to form emergency square.

French breakthrough in the north, shattering Uhlans and line infantry
Meanwhile at the south west ford, the Austrians were applying pressure, having killed 1/4 of the Hussars regiment with canister fire from Austrian horse batteries.  The French were not holding still though and had reformed in preparation to engage either the horse guns or Cuirassier.

overview of the south west ford

Austrian Horse batteries get in good shots

Austrian Cuirassier, Infantry and Artillery

French Horse battery had managed to disorder the Austrian Infantry for a time before the Cuirassier arrived
The turn order calls for morale rallies and a divisional morale check if the force is below 1/3 losses, at 1/2 losses it is worse.  For the Austrian division standing on the north east ford, they were now at 1/2 losses.  The roll was a '3', not so terribly bad, however this meant that the entire Austrian force was now to have none guarding or active (other than a foot battery alone without any covering infantry)  forces on their right flank.  It was time to withdraw and this force of Austrians would not have success on this first ever outing in Garden Wars.

Garden Wars Austrian Foot

The north east ford final positions and die roll of '3' (next to division command)
The final score was left at Italian French at 6 :: Austria 0.

Garden Wars season 5 for 2013 getting started with lots of Austrians

Another 20 minutes to clean up the troops and buildings, then I re-set the yard for some fun for my youngest son ...

Cold wet fun in the setting sun ...
Your comments or thoughts are appreciated.