Sunday, March 26, 2023

More Bull Run campaign ideas

 I was unable to get in a face to face game today, due to key player (with the vehicle) being unable to travel today.

This afforded me some open time for thinking and planning.

I took the opportunity to connect with another ACW game player and we chatted about the 'operational' level command and actions that lead to a battle in the Manassas region ... what might be needed for details on a tabletop battle after laying out the parts on the big paper maps I have made.

This led to a discussion of what might be needed in sorting out a bigger battle like the Gettysburg one, or better viewed as the second invasion by General Lee of the union states.

I have taken the time to generate a simple gamebox for Cyberboard and have a sample map here:

a 'sample map' for a first actions ACW campaign

Each hex here is 1.1 miles (I had troubles getting it any closer), so marching each brigade can do 6 hexes, cavalry 9 and rail can run units 20 hexes (all counted along the rail lines) per day.

a close-up view of a possible in progress action

Obviously there's more possibilities and we'd be looking at something more massive (with more distance on each hex) in any sort of 1863 second invasion scenario, and the potential for using this tool to generate the tabletop situation is tantalizing.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

An area map for Bull Run campaign

 The ACW minis will get another outing on the tabletop this coming weekend.

Before they go out though ... there will be a campaign action planning session, allowing for a totally different battlefield.

planned map area


I'll be putting my troop blanks into use also on this project.

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Image processing for a new gamebox

 Once Upon a time I had a plan to put the whimsical bloodaxe miniatures, painted by Jeff Hudelson, into a gamebox set for use by those who perhaps were interested in tabletop minis, yet were unable to have the space needed and could experience something of the game with Cyberboard.

Then we learned that we would have to move.

I did not know if I could even keep the minis, due to storage needs.

This spurred me on into generating a set of photos of these minis.

Then we had a location and all my photo works were put into reserve and the other plans put on hold.

Now I find I have some time to put into the process again ...

a quick image done of the two army CICs


The overall summary of the games, so far, can be found at The Alpian Wars.

Each unit and command is getting a full image treatment:

The Yellow Brigadier of Alpia

So far only Alpian forces have been done.

Up next will be Stagonia.