Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Table Setup for ECW meeting engagement

As promised in an earlier post I now present a time-lapse video of the table set-up from an ECW game played at the start of November.

Now that I finally have a working video editor system I can get on with more videos like this, from the game itself and future encounters.

Let me know if this sort of content is of interest for you.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Now a Mappe, for ECW Campaign for the South West in 1643

Waller and Hopton had a number of engagements with each other in battle over the course of the English Civil War

These started in 1643 after the Battle of Stratton.

The series of engagements in mid 1643 after Stratton are detailed by Robert Giglio in a Campaign Scenario booklet put out by Caliver Books in 2014.

a piece of the South West that was busy in 1643

Rob and I shall take on this series in the next few months (perhaps a year before we are done) and play out the campaign.

I am looking forward to this action series now that I can see how it all links up.

With the map here, the scenarios from the book are detailed in on the ground to show where they took place.

A good primer on the Spanish Tercios

A decent little video about the development of Pike and Shot warfare.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Time Lapse coming for next AAR - ECW

Rob and I did an ECW meeting engagement game last night and I have still to process the pictures and new time-lapse video of the game.  Here I present a 'teaser'.

a common occurrence on the tabletop, open rulebook

Plus this will be a test of the upload of this video ...