Saturday, January 17, 2015

Big Game planning

Campaign of Nations Map positions for 12 Sept 1813 (fictional)
The Campaign of Nations game that I have been moderating since 2012 has reached a potential HUGE BATTLE point.

In examining the base stands needed (from a Fast Play Grand Armee point of view), I would need 105 3"x3" stands and 50 of the 1.5"x3" artillery stands.  I could do the guns (yes I have at least 50 artillery pieces now - I think), what I cannot support with my current game set are the 100+ brigade stands!

This was the same problem in trying to tackle Leipzig as a single battle situation in Garden Wars.  So likewise this time I am faced with either scaling down to a single segment of the greater action or modifying the rules to cover a larger area -or- making up a new set of rules to cover the situation so as to make maximum use of the troops and tools that I have.

At the moment I am in discussions with the other campaign players and one of the tabletop team to see what we can come up with.

Have you ever 'scaled UP' your game table actions?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Games on the road

I have always praised the card games, even Magic, for their portability.

This past weekend was one of a few this coming winter and spring where I will be on the road for much of the time.
Eagles, now 20 years old!  Artwork by Eric Hotz

It was nice to have Eagles, by Columbia Games, along so that my son and I could connect over a few games while marking time on the ferries that we must take to come and go off Vancouver Island.
to get a sense of scale, that is an 11 year old standing past the white Queen

While in Seattle center, my middle son made sure to challenge me to a chess game with the mega-board that they have there.

What travel games do you engage in?

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Battleground with Edward Woodward

An amazing series of tabletop games put on video in the 1970's

Napoleon in Europe - 1805 return

Every once in a while I get a wonderful request from one of my sons to play a favored game of mine.
the 1805 scenario features France and Spain vs. the 3rd Coalition of England, Russia and Austria

Napoleon In Europe, by Eagle Games.
the board is TRULY massive - more than covering the entire dining room table

It is a mammoth board, with 20mm scale miniatures of the troops, that I have added the ships to in order to bring the whole surface of the map to life.
by October 1805, the north coast of Spain had been invaded and French shipping was trapped in port

early on the French side had convinced the Ottomans to join in their cause and the Russians came to aid the Austrians on the Hungarian plains

While we only played a few hours and a number of distracting work phone calls pulled me away at times I was still pleased with the interaction and connection I was able to have with my son.

the Russians were going to be busy with the Turks ...
It is always great to spend quality time with my sons.