Monday, April 29, 2019

FIRE & STONE a simple rules set

Hello everyone.

I have been asked by a few to see the simple set of rules I put together for the Fire & Stone game.

It is based on the work of Duffy so I take no credit there.

Trench line from the Salute 2019 game

Here I attach the two page document.

And then a quick reference sheet.

The one addition that the players agreed upon was 'order of move' and a simple dice off to move one unit then another in chess-like fashion each tactical turn of 15 minutes.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Fire & Stone Game at Trumpeter Salute 2019

There were a full five players, two on defense and three on offense for this tabletop exposition of the Fire & Stone game system.

I was most pleased that the players were fully engaged right from the start and had the system figured out within the first two moves.

I had a couple of 'changes' that were suggested and players agreed, at the table, for one of the move changes.

attackers liked the ability to dig their own plan of saps & trenches

the defenders took a fully hold-back plan ...

the visuals of the developing trench works drew in many attendees

my oversized flags drew in some to see the spectacle

cards laid out to 'cover' the actions overnight of the digging of trenches by the attackers

by the fifth day of siege the third parallel was done ...

on Day Six the DEFENDERS under Lord Lacey came out to assault and mounted artillery on the walls
The defense was creatively set up and managed to include a mine that took out one of the attackers artillery AND engineer team along with some of the troops digging in the planned third parallel.

view from the Investment line, with Parliament Dragoons hold back in reserve looking towards the wall and across the siege lines

caught digging (they were working on a tunnel of their own) the attackers rushed to stand-to in the trenches

two regiments formed up in the third parallel
Then movement in the assaults began.

attacking players move their troops to counter the defenders having come out from the walls

even the Colonel Marsh moved forward to bolster the attacking line!

a good overview of the game table in progress, and the other games nearby in the busy game room at Bonsor

the full line was in range of the defender's artillery, indeed they were taking casualties from the fort guns
There was a series of exchanges and the Lacey horse fell back behind the walls ...

While the foot in white, had to retreat via the other side as the attackers Dragoons had now blocked the escape route ...

the Cornish foote retreated along the wall

followed closely by Colonel Marsh's Dragooners

Straight into another MINE!  The defenders had set a strategic trap that was executed very well ... sadly they rolled a dreaded '1' for damage here in the mine explosion and having lost many men in retreating they only had a d3 shot from the regiment ... again rolling a '1'.  Bad luck in the damage, brilliant strategy and tactics in getting the chance to do damage!
Now the defenders tried to end the tactical day by pulling back from the wall and leaving the attackers with nothing to shoot at ...

powder supplies had been used up by the attackers as well

while many casualties had been taken, they still had their 'ladders' to scale the walls with

so the attack continued with the troops surging out from their trenches to 'touch' the walls and scale them with the ladders in with the pikes

two moves, half-hour simulated, later they were over the wall in one section (just barely as the regiment was one casualty above 50% = when a morale roll could have ended the assault) and held back by Lord Lacey himself in another section, while the third regiment (the red flag with yellow blaze) had pulled back from the wall failing morale and Captain Leckie had ridden up to urge them OVER THE WALL!

Captain Leckie with the dismounted Dragooners and trained band push the wall

Colonel Marsh keeps the pressure on.

The armored leader of the Red-Black with cross regiment gains the wall, with the Lacey Horse troop having failed morale must fall back

the moment of capture of Arenskirt Castle ... only a few more casualties and a failed morale roll could have seen the opposite outcome ...

the carnage outside the walls
I have saved the best part of this tale for the end.

Rob and I put this together with the intent to show what could be done with siege works and have a game resolution in a four hour time period, with the potential for fun on both sides.

We also would like to have won a best of show for Trumpeter Salute, which was announced at the 4 pm mark of the 2 pm to 6 pm time block.

WE WON!  Second year in a row for Trumpeter Salute Best of Show in the 2 pm - 6 pm Saturday time block.

So this time, as I did not have the boys with me, Rob agreed to my using the gift certificate to expand the planned Pirate collection:

winning put towards PIRATES

the swag

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Friday, April 12, 2019

English Civil War Royalist Oxford Foot - first parade

My current models for "The King" and "Prince Rupert"
A beautiful day after having finished the gloss coating and flocking now beckoned to my Royalists to get their first expose here on the blog:

The Royalist officers

The Reds

The Blewes

The Greenes

The Whites

A pair of armored swordsmen troops

same armored foote in their parade with the sky

Next up is Trumpeter Salute in Burnaby and the "Fire and Stone" game planned for mid-day Saturday.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Royalist Oxford Army Foote - work in progress

The ECW armies expansion is nearly complete for the Royalist forces.

The past month has seen the foot get a much needed addition from Oxford:

bare metal (the little 'flags' are tape to cover the points of the lethal pikes)

base coat

base color


detail layer one

Two more detail layers later and it was time to get the riders on their mounts and make ready for gloss coating.  That was when the temperatures dropped below 6 Celsius which is too low to do the coating.  So a delay happened.  Meaning that the Oxford horse would not be done by April ...

Thursday, April 04, 2019

SIEGE WARFARE! Playtest continues ... game 4! Last one before SALUTE!

The second day of playtest with the full terrain board included enough time to run a second engagement!

With an experienced pair of players we could get through a game in ~90 minutes!

All of the defenders officers with the dismounted Lacey Horse stood in the breach!
The commanders switched sides again, now Rob would try his hand again at defense, where he'd had the most experience.

for five days Rob stayed behind the walls, permitting the siege lines to dig closer

till suddenly on day 5 they blasted through the wall!

then day 6 was a muster for attack on the breach!

all attacking forces were arrayed for battle

the Lacey's had lost one gun in the wall destruction and moved the other out to cover the breach
It was to be an epic defense!

the first hour included a cannonade that took many lives on both sides

finally the attackers moved off to assault the flank of the defenders trench

while continuing pounding of the defenders Drake (cannon) in the breach

the death toll was massive

the first attempt at the trench was thrown back

While the Lacey's command poured even the civilian defenders out to support that lone Drake in the breech
The Lacey's seemed on the verge of holding the line ...

so the forces of Colonel Marsh ALL CAME OUT

the second line prepared to swarm the defenders

while the first was thrown back from the trenches with losses over 50%

The defenders did not get away unscathed though

... and command of the garrison was not certain to hold the line

indeed they were still likely outnumbered close to 3 to 1
The finale was to come down to the last few die rolls!

the assault was to take a total of 2 hours (simulated time) and we used maybe 2 hours to do the whole game!

long view of the action

Colonel Marsh did not go in the final assault, he did have a secret mine being built though ...

casualties were high

very high

there was a storming of the defender's trench

with it becoming something of a mass grave

which Lord Lacey and Captain Pike surrendered in
An epic final playtest.

Rob will be putting some finishing details on the terrain.
I have a one-page QRS to write up and some dragoons to flock for use in the game.

Otherwise we are ready to go for Salute 2019 in Burnaby!