Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dragoons and Irregulars done.

I have finished the flocking of the 'irregular' forces, but given the time chose not to get them onto bases tonight.

I shall likely have time tomorrow and will do up some closer pics of these troops 'in situ'. For now the 'finished' group will have to do.

Up next:

6 Horse Guns
4 Foot Guns
6 HEAVY Guns
along with 32 Gunners!

With a quiet 2 or 3 nights I could have all of this month's plan done by Valentines Day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Missing Österreich Arms:

In my planning for Österreich forces, I forgot about the 'first' cavalry force that I did for Austrian use.

These Hussars have the blue Shako that was so unique to the Austrian forces. It makes them appear so much more colourful on the table!

Therefore I wanted to get this early picture (from 2005 no less) of these horsemen entered into the record about what Österreich Arms I have already.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All SHINY and new!

Just finished the minwax Polyshades treatment on the troops and now they get to dry for a few days.

I have a course that will take me away for the weekend, then its back to work at the brushes and studying.

After I flock these men I shall detail something about what has inspired them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Raison pour revolution.

However, definately a film I must see soon.
Blazing Brushes!

Finish work has been done on all troops, all that remains is to 'gloss coat - sealant' on all of them, this should be done tonight once the family is in bed.

The Dragoons turned out very well, once again the painting of the large horses was not a dread and they look 'animated' due to the 'thinning/coloring' process that I use now.

The Dragoons were a treat to do the 'finishing' work on as the castings are really good, with easily detailed locations (indeed there are 'loops' on the sleeves that I did not use as I wanted these boys to have a more 'basic' appearance).

With this batch completed, giving me 86 more infantry, 12 Cavalry and 6 commander elements; I shall move on to a mass of Austrian Artillery batteries and crews.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Österreich Arms

Having had a little look around at my current white coated troops.
Today was gloriusly sunny and the light was hitting the table at just the right angle while I was working with the troops, so a very 'bright' shot was called for.

I find that I have:
Infantry: five (5) formations in tricornes (different 'facing' colours for each) three have 24 figs, 2 have 16; two (2) formations in 'bearskins' of 24 figs each; two (2) formations in 'helmets' one of 16 and one of 24 and a 20 man formation of 'irregulars' in top hats.
Artillery: sadly only one battery is complete, there is a 'howitzer' that I have been using as 'captured' for the French which I can include now with this force. The three current gunners are in tricornes. There are 30 gunners in bicornes that will be taking paint this year.
Cavalry: two (2) formations of 12 each of Kuirassier and Dragoons in tricornes. (the Kuirass have been used as Russians in the past since the uniform is only a bit different)

Command: many have been used as Russians before, but there are a few in Tricornes that are for Österreich use primarily; in total there are three (3) on foot and ten (10) mounted, including a pair of 'messengers' for a Commander in Chief (with two figs on the base).
Some differences between the Marlburian Period and Seven Years War:

Some other bloggers have been musing recently about the differences in comabt methocology between the earlier Marlburian era and the later tricorne 7 Years War era.

In an article by Phill Thomas a good case is made covering the differences "other than the turnbacks" on the coats.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blazing (well mostly) brushes:

Got all the highlights done, again was stymied by Daddy daycare needs of small children before I could get the musket barrels and straps done.

Only the 'fiddly' bits are left to go now and I am hopeful to have them all finished by this weekend, possibly even all flocked by Monday!

At least this time I got a decent picture of the dragoon riders 'in progress'.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Continued Dragoons

The brushes got busy today with a chance to actually focus for a bit of time.

This time the flesh got finished off, highlights got put on the blues, greys and browns, along with the muskets taking on the more 'wooden' colours for their stocks. I saw the clock was running short so I filled in the blacks for the tricornes and the pouches that have been 'slopped over'.

Sadly the clock ran out before I could do the musket barrels and bindings, they will come next. Following that will be highlight colours for the yellows, greens and reds. Then the lace and metallics.

The horse will get their takc and 'markings' at that point.
A duelling bit of FUN!

Some duels just do not go the way you might think...


Friday, January 11, 2008

Now, for some colour!

The faces got their 'mid-tones'.

All facings, turnbacks, collars and cuffs have been 'filled-in'.

No work on the ponies tonight.

I like to work through the masses all in one sitting whenever possible. This way I do not lose track of what has and has-not been done (something that is easy to do with three little boys to steal away your time and mind!).

The 'insurrectio' or 'geurilla' forces are starting to take more of their final appearance and I find that the look is more than acceptable.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007, in Review

In just one posting I wanted to take a look back, at the year - in game and production- that was for the MarauderS:

EYLAU Feb 2007: DAK-KON Best Presentation Winner
Refight of the battle in a convention setting, complete with blowing snow effects!

Over the Year 2007 I painted:
341 Infantry (or gunners for artillery, Engineers, Sappers, Miners etc)
77 Cavalry (including 10 'fantasy' ones for Warhammer)
19 Guns
12 ADC's (both mounted and on foot)
12 Artillery "markers"
3 Full Pontoons, with construction supplies and spare pontoon boat for each 'set'
16 Starships & 25 Fighters (for Full Thrust battles)
1 Hordes army and 1 DBA army
1 Titan and;
Built a Church out of Linka modeling materials.
(not included above but also started are 28 Jagers, 37 Irregulars, 24 "Tricorned" Infantry, 13 Light Dragoons and 3 ADC's Colonels)

FREIDLAND June 2007:
200th Anniversary re-fight over two weekends with five players taking active parts!

Table Top Teaser: Wagon Train
Played out three times on my tabletop.

October 2007: Battle by Proxy at Offenbach
A battle faught in connection with the Emperor vs. Elector blog.

November 2007: LATIVM CVP, De Bellis Antiquitatis Tournament.
A 15mm semi-annual tournament. This time round with a field of 5 players.
Our own Bluebear Jeff was the winner, posting the first ever undefeated run to the championship!

All in all I should say a very productive year!

By some of the 'points' systems I have seen being used I did about 650 last year and with my ambitions plans for the coming year hope to surpass that total in 2008!

Monday, January 07, 2008

More painting progress...

At last the ink stage is done and now the details get to be 'filled in'.

Fell on the deck today while toting in some rain and snow will turn almost any surface into a skating rink.

That slowed me down for a few hours.

Then the opportunity time for painting got the better of me and I got busy for an hour and a half this evening.

All the greys and blues got their 3rd layer color, then it was time to ink in faces, hands and the bodies of the horses.

Remember that you can 'clik a pic' to see it larger.

The tricornes and Dragoons have developed at least as well as anticipated, I recall someone whom pointed out the technique I use saying that '...until the final layer they {the miniatures} will look like hell.'

A closeup of the Jagers and insurrectio forces, the Korsehut (Corsican Hat) of the Jagers will take on a distict look as will the less formal dress of the irregulars.

The horses taking on their mix of brown and black ink really bring out the character of these pieces, all that remains now is 'markings' and tack.

edited on 8 Jan 08, this should 'fix' the image problems?

Friday, January 04, 2008

More Painting Progress

Just a bit more on the Tricornes (picture did not turn out and I am too tired to re-do it), and the Dragoons along with the Irregular or Insurrectio Infantry.

Only a bit more to do on the Jagers and I move on to the inks.