Wednesday, July 28, 2021

PIRATES! Game coming 31 July 2021

 The twitch channel will again be active on 31 July 2021

Planned start time 11:00 am pacific time (North America west coast - same as Los Angeles)

the pirates are all painted now

the whole fleet of ships and all the men
are ready to get into action

been itching to get some action with this set
so watch it all on twitch


The Tiberian General. said...

Fine ships and figures but what wonderful bit of ocean, just missing a pod of dolphins. Excellent post, thanks for sharing.

Willz Harley.

MurdocK said...

Thank you Willz, the water was inspired by wanting to have a more reflective, yet not glass-like surface.

tradgardmastare said...

The water is very effective, can you tell us how you did it?

Friends Of General Haig said...

Very fine looking ships and crew 👍. That plastic sheeting over the blue cloth is inspired - it looks awesome 🤩

MurdocK said...

The water is a layer of blue cloth, with a 'weave' that causes a different color reflection depending on the direction of the light. So when the cloth has a fold or crease in it there's an accentuation of the color from a lighter to a darker blue.

I lay out this cloth then put some creases in it to simulate wave motion.

On top of this blue cloth I put a clear plastic sheet, it is flexible and rolls up, so the 'rolling' process creates an uneven surface to the clear plastic, which is reflective, yet clear, so the blue cloth and its 'weave' creates a differentiation of the reflections and a blue 'under current' that tricks the eye into seeing motion where none exists.

The cameras at a low angle helps to really bring the 'water' to life.