Tuesday, February 19, 2019

ECW Parradice Moor - Carnage & Glory II game

The weather did not get in the way this time at Pair-A-Dice Games and we ran a good little game of English Civil War using Carnage & Glory II system

scene from mid battle as the Parliament commanded shotte drove back the Royalist pike & shotte

With a late arrival and some computer hiccups out of the way, we were down into action with another fight of Whalley.

the field from behind the hidden Parliament troops of Colonel Shuttleworth

in action at the bridge

while in Whalley itself, Earl of Derby was confused at the start of the action

his Sheriff was busy keeping the clubmen at least on the field

Rob's excellently painted commanded shotte in blewe

more of Rob's painting of horse

the dismounted dragoons took a pounding at the outset, still managed to stay in action

Parliament formed a firing line from behind the hedgerows and hall

A few turns went by and I missed taking some photos.

The field of action and hour (game time) after first shots fired

the Royalist horse were cautious in crossing the stream

While Colonel Shuttleworth was injured while attempting to rally the Dragoons, his Cornet was amazing in keeping the commanded shot in action for the whole battle

meanwhile it took both Lord Digby and his Sheriff to keep the Royalist dragoons from fleeing the field

Shuttleworth's veterans scored many hits.

sometimes a photo just works out

or becomes something more (I see this photo being used in the future to advertise about ECW games)

Royalist horse were hampered by the stream and crossing, decidedly going cautiously before becoming disordered as the Parliament commanded shotte advanced.
The Parliament commanded shotte units were below 50% shot remaining at the end of the action, with 68% morale while the Royalists suffered a morale collapse and ended the day two hours (game time) after the start of shooting at 54% morale and at least two units dispersed and Earl of Derby himself made PRISONER!

end of the action, Parliament dragoons had fled, the Royalists had lost dragoons and horse

The Cornet called Wyndham performed above expectations for a staff officer

while the Earl of Derby became a prisoner

Derby was with the Royalist horse as it was charged on two sides and fled the field

the final pursuit of the Royalist horse conducted by Lt Col Cotton

the differences in painting and basing seen here

though there were casualties among the best unit with the Parliament as well, for Shuttleworth's veterans had become exhausted and would no longer voluntarily advance (the broken wheel used as a marker).

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Friends Of General Haig said...

Poor Derby! Never a lucky general I think. Great battle report.