Monday, August 29, 2022

ACW Minis acquired : and a Victory Without Quarter game

 Hello everyone!

I had started an ACW planned game set in 1995 or so, then due to many life changes, the project kept being put off and put off and put off.  In about 2010 or so I finally gave up and gave the remaining unpainted minis to my son to use for a history class of his.  

The project had been abandoned.

Then last year, after moving and realizing that there would be space and possibly resources to re-start the project, an opportunity to re-stock the minis appeared.

We, myself and three or four other gamers, combined to make a donation to cancer and obtain the remains of another game players collection that had been in a partial condition.

There were many hands that have moved the immense container of raw lead and box of painted minis, and just yesterday I was able to see them all and make some reservations for foot, cavalry, guns and officers - so that I could realistically re-start the project!

We then engaged in a little game of Victory Without Quarter, with the 'longer life' modification.

I made an error in the cards, missing an Alpian commander, however given the brutal dice rolling and the unlucky caisson explosion of powder right next to the Alpian CIC, the day belonged to Stagonia!

Stagonian knights with the CIC in support
take out the Alpian knights

Alpian pike & shotte did not fare well in the center
seen fleeing here

Stagonian horse, just stood about for most of the battle

While on the right wing of Stagonia a mixed
brigade had ... mixed results

An error for certain, yet a new form of "Maddening Subordinate" may have been born,

The TOADSTOOL: place brigade commander, then remove his card from the deck for 7 turns.

A good sport though after all.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Love, love, love that time lapse video - what a clever thing..! Must have another go at VWQ - it's been years..