Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Trees & Hedges progress

 The mix of weather here has made doing outdoor tasks difficult (if not impossible due to low temperatures and heavy rain) so I have continued to make progress on my forests.

some steel wool 'trees' that I had in mind
at long last using up the materials so that I can flock
them all at the same time

the 'dark splotches' in the hedges are these
trees also done with wire and steel wool

Weather permitting I plan to do up the full collection flocking of all the trees and hedges at the same time.  Using an assembly line approach to keep the mess from expanding too much.  I really need the weather to stay crappy outside for just another couple of days (looks like it will be) then all my time goes into doing loads of outdoor works.  There are plenty to be done, along with some interior finalization details that could not be done when temperatures are so low.

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