Saturday, April 30, 2022

Expanding forest and hedges update

 I had made the plan to update my forests with newer woodland scenics trees and to improve the hedges for ECW games.

Along that plan I purchased the materials back in December, now I realized it would be some delay before I could do up these forests since the other works on the house would take priority.

Little did I know that the heaviest snow on record was about to fall ...

Now that the winter is finally past, the other works are taking shape (on the house) - I have a gap of a few more days before the weather is good enough to start in earnest on the outdoor improvements that are planned.  With that gap I have put in efforts to get the works on the forests started at least and likewise for the hedgerows.

first stages of the trees - bent into shapes
and fixed onto fender washers to let them
stand easier on the tabletop


base coated black, then light grey and tan
painted onto trunks and some
branches, ready for flocking

 So that I would be able to make maximum use of the flocking efforts (and waste less flocking) I am doing the hedges re-shaping now so that all can be flocked at the same time.

the old original shape of my hedges

some in-progress shots
top right the 'new' re-shaped hedgerow
mid-right the original shape of that type
of hedgerow
bottom, a 'spread' hedgerow of Jeff's
I plan to also re-shape these ones

The original hedgerows all looked like they were perfectly manicured, since they were done in a rush job so that we could get to the game table as fast as possible.  Now with some time, I can do the re-shaping and essentially re-use all of the earlier work and it will have the 'unkempt' look desired.

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Codsticker said...

You're going to have a nice little wood when you are done with all those trees Murdock.