Saturday, July 11, 2020

Playtest STOKE LANE - Star Wars Miniatures Battles used

The STOKE LANE battle for our ongoing English Civil War campaign game will be tomorrow!

Today, we did a playtest of the masking of Star Wars Miniatures Battles system onto the English Civil War era.

Parliamentary Dragoons press into a town, catching the Royalists sleeping
We laid out a quick tabletop, only 1/3rd of the size for the coming game, and went through game mechanics for SWMB.

Rob did not have any large-ish, skirmish level battle rules for the black powder era.  I had used SWMB before with some success in mixing modern era units with the slower-loading black powder ones, to show the effects that the slow-loading have when compared to the single-shot yet faster loading percussion cap weapons.  It was some militia vs redcoats stuff in the late 1990s.

I was familiar with SWMB from that time as being quick yet effective for the 1-1 sort of skirmish scale that the battle of Stoke Lane calls for.

table at game start
put through about five turns quickly on the small table to get the 'kinks' worked out - I will be single basing all the horsemen in the final game - I tried having a few on double bases (2 per base) no good, since the skirmish nature calls for up to 1-1 match ups when in close-combat

four dragoons that overwhelmed a lone horsemen from the Royalists

Parliament started a fire in the oak (coaching inn) and here we see the Royalists forced out into the street without arms

more dragoons ready to lay down fire

burning building

the Royalist commander (in the vest) actually stumbled out of the inn without arms or much of anything on as he failed multiple 'waking' rolls
The playtest done, now onto the main event tomorrow!

Next game is planned to be in support of HMGS "Cyber Wars" of Bussaco from 1810, on July 25, 2020.

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nundanket said...

Love the street level shots. Hope the damage to the Oak wasn’t too extensive. 🍺 Those Puritans can be a bit strange about drinking.