Trading Post - RIVETS

In an effort to expand market, MurdockS MarauderS have opened this trading post to sell wares.

Offering for sale NOW:

Reproductions of the Martian Metals BOPPERs for Metagaming's Microgame #5: RIVETS

The tragic fire in Martian Metals destroyed all the original molds and the company did not return after the fire.

Metagaming originator Howard Thompson had abandoned the intellectual property in 1983.

From these moves, now 30 years later, I have taken up the torch of exposing more game players to the great game title, RIVETS.

To that end I have some castings of the BOPPERs for sale.  Each set is priced at $8.00 U.S. funds.
Shipping is in a new box, the final cost will have to be calculated due to changes in Canada Post.
Shipping to other world destinations, please contact: for a quote.

The BOPPER Control and Production Complex is where the BOPPERs are built & programmed

Heavy artillery firepower is the feature of the Big BOPPER

Air Power from the Dive BOPPER (you will need your own pin for the flight base)

Famed for its battle cry of "POP-A-TOP"  the JB is a favorite

Light BOPPERs are speedy and deadly in swarms

A bit of a rough knuckle dragger the Rocket BOPPER gives fire support

Tiny (pronounced 'teeny') BOPPERs are the brains of the operation

Contact me via comments or at and we'll work out a deal for you today.

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