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$$$ SOLD July 3, 2022 $$$


Video of the set!


$$$ SOLD July 3, 2022 $$$

Based around the adventures of Luke Skywalker this chess set features characters most seen in the film
Return of the Jedi

King - The Emperor
Queen - Darth Vader
Bishop - Imperial Guardsmen
Kinght - Grand Admiral Thrawn & Captain Paelleon and Boba Fett & IG88
Rook - TIE fighters
Pawn - Stormtroopers

King - Admiral Ackbar
Queen - Princess Leia
Bishop - Han & Chewie and R2D2 & C3PO
Kinght - Luke and Ben
Rook - X-Wing fighters
Pawn - Ewoks

$$$ SOLD July 3, 2022 $$$

There are also 'single pieces' available.
They are not always available in quantity and pose.

Contact me:

and we can arrange for what your needs are

Single miniatures are available from the chess set(s)

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