Trading Post - Greek Gods Chess Set

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as of March 2022

The Greek Gods Chess Set

Zeus - Hera - Athena - Hephaestus

Apollo - Artemis - peak of Olympus as Rook - human hero as Pawn

The Olympus set are on hand-turned pine wood bases, with fender washer for extra weight.

Aphrodite - Poseidon - Persephone - Hades

human warrior as Pawn - rock from Cthonic cave as Rook - Ares - Dionysus
The underworld set are on hand-turned yew wood bases, with fender washer for extra weight.

Set sold with the custom made ceramic tile surface board.


Cut foam lined box for carrying the pieces.


Unknown said...

to whoever may see this. You should consider making a greek Gods set however instead of bringing the Gods to life as has been done with the set above. Try making the Gods look like statues

MurdocK said...

Thank you for the idea.

I have done three other sets, with one of them done with the gods in silver and gold (female and male) on top of black and pale blue metal bases.

Unknown said...

oh thats pretty cool.
Where can I found those ?

MurdocK said...

They were part of a charity auction, so long gone now.

If you want a set like that - or the statues, I could do that custom.

Need a few months to cast up metal and get the painting done.

$360 estimate.

Maybe you could share your contact info? (I will not publish to the page)