Sunday, December 25, 2022

Union Army for Bull Run


a little app I found that may be getting more use
with these minis to give the battlefield reports a
more 19th century feel

the photo the first image came from

In time for the Xmas season I have finished the Union army for Bull Run.
So I took some time to process a few images of the while force.

the 'first' of the Corps Command Stands that are
envisioned ... with three models planned for future
army command stands

Mc Dowell commanded the Union 'army' at Bull Run
which was not much more than a corps in total

the system has a number of options

I also took shots with my older camera
which will be used still

The 3rd Division was selected to have three unique
Union uniforms, some Zuaves, the red shirt wearing
Minnesotans and a grey coated Brigade

the red shirted Minnesota regiment was chosen
as a feature for one Union Brigade

a closer view showing the new unit name
tags, which will also hold the color marker 'pins'

each cadre stand for cavalry and infantry
as well as every artillery unit and command stand
also have a metal sheet under them, so if needed
my metal magnetic name tag holders
could be used to ID units in a more subtle fashion


Codsticker said...

Great pictures Murdock. They look great en masse and I really like the building; is it a coach house?

MurdocK said...

Thanks Cod.

The building is from a European collection for use in Napoleonic 15mm games.

I think it was described as 'civic building'.