Friday, November 25, 2022

ACW Union 2nd Division for 1st Bull Run

Two decades after starting this project, abandoning it at one point, it feels great to have this first Division of 15mm troops finalized.

The 2nd Division under Colonel Hunter
ready for the tabletop


Keen eyed readers will see the new 'label' markers and holders.  I have used some 'cubes' that my son asked me to generate for his games uses and there are plenty of extras.  So I have put them to some use here as 'weights' and supports for wires to hold the letters and 'pins' (in this case with green glass beads on them - to indicate fresh and loaded weapons for 'first fire'), there are more glass beaded pins with orange, red, yellow, two different blues and purple colors - something that can be separately defined.

painting in progress

the game set of these minis includes casualties and
a 'chicken dancer' for a disorder marker

there's just something about that interim moment
of the troops mounted to the bases

the moment again captured from overhead

here seen fully flocked, the casualties off to the
right of the image

Well, that's the first of many divisions.

I start 1st Division and Union Army HQ this week.

I may be ready to put something on the table in January of February at this rate.


Archduke Piccolo said...

What an interesting formation (as well as a fine looking one)! I looked this up in my Battles & Leaders, and I find find this Division full of names that were later to become famous as Corps and Army commanders. That Porter's Brigade included a battalion each of US regulars and marines is as intriguing.

Is the other Division to be Dan Tyler's (1st) or Sam Heintzelman's (3rd)?

MurdocK said...

Yes to both other Divisions Ion.

I'm not able to get that much 'grainy' details in the minis (the ID of Regulars as different from Marines within the unit formation - I'm going with a limited run of minis in this first go round of molds), though I do have red shirted Minnesotans for 3rd Corps and some Zouaves as well as a couple of 'grey' coated Union troops. The Confederates will get some blue coats in the form of the 4th Virginia - as a brigade (Jackson's command - becomes the 'stonewall' brigade at the battle).

I'm also getting more 'game specific' details for 1st Bull Run, from other game player.

Not sure if it will change much in what I have already planned in way of minis.

Codsticker said...

That is fantastic progress Murdock.

MurdocK said...

Thanks Cod, it has been a push to get the materials assembled.

Now the 'assembly' is ongoing.

looks like the timings down island are not going to work out for me to join in.